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Gyms in Peru

Gyms in Peru

Gyms in Peru are were all of a reasonable standard, ranging from simply being okay to top of the range equipment. No particularly run down gyms were observed and all appeared to be professionally run. I approached each and asked the prices in my basic Spanish; on no occasion did anyone volunteer to speak English to me, so I am unsure whether they spoke any. Cost should however be simple to establish, through the universal hand gesture.

Please note most gyms did not provide toilet paper, even though the standard of the bathrooms and showers was always good – all had hot water.

The prices varied from 8 soles up to 20 soles, and a discount was given for purchasing 3 days at the 20 soles gym (3 for 45 soles).

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Currency approximation : US$1 = 3.25 soles, €1 = 3.92,  £1 = 4.47 soles AU$1 = 2.45 soles
at the time of writing.

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