Fitness Gym Puno

Fitness Gym Puno Jiron Fermin Arbulu 165, Puno Facebook Page Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 500-1300 and 1500-2100 (Sun – closed) Cost: 8 soles per workout. Location and Entry Clearly labelled from the outside with a big “Gimnasio” sign, further signs direct you into a building up two flights of stairs to the actual gym, […]

Matrix Gym Cusco

Matrix Gym Cusco Avenida El Sol, Cusco 08000 Facebook Opening Times: Mon – Sat 600-2200, Sun – closed Cost: 20 soles per day or 45 soles for 3 days Location and Entry Matrix Gym Cusco is clearly marked from the street with a sign saying “Gimnasio”, along with an image of some bulging biceps – […]

Gyms in Arequipa

Gyms in Arequipa For a full review of Revo Sport Arequipa, click here or see other gyms below.   Other Gyms in Arequipa 1. Gimnasio Kratos – Deán Valdivia 103 The next gym I located in Arequipa was Gimnasio Kratos. This is more central than Revo Sport and closer to the Plaza de Armas. I […]

Revo Sport Arequipa

Revo Sport Arequipa Paucarpata 302, Arequipa Facebook Page Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 500-2300, Sat: 600-1800, Sun: 700-1400 Cost: 15 soles, includes a towel. Location and Entry My accommodation was North and slightly East of Plaza de Armas de Arequipa – a popular and beautiful square. After researching the nearby gyms, I located three that […]

Gyms In Lima (Miraflores)

Gyms In Lima (Miraflores) For a full review of BodyTech Miraflores, please click here. The significant other gym I found in Miraflores, Lima was… SmartFit Peru – Headquarters Benavides Av. Alfredo Benavides 347, Cercado de Lima 15074 Website (in Spanish) I walked in to enquire about the cost of using the gym, but was informed […]

BodyTech Miraflores

BodyTech Miraflores Av 28 de Julio 1005, Miraflores 15074 Website Opening hours: Mon – Thu: 500-2300, Fri: 500-2200, Sat: 700-1700, Sun: 700-1600 My first workout in Peru! Location and Entry I turned up shortly after opening time on Sunday morning, hoping to be let in. My early arrival (the result of jetlag and a very […]

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