Global Gym Bunny Shop

Global Gym Bunny Shop

Welcome to the Global Gym Bunny Shop!

The Global Gym Bunny Shop consists of products I have used since I started travelling, which I hope will help you to improve or maintain your health and fitness whilst on the road too.

From nutritional supplements to lightweight fitness products, here’s a selection of products which have helped me to optimize my fitness and enabled me to stay committed to it on my two year travel adventure.

Most are budget friendly and a valuable investment in ensuring you don’t go home again twice the size you left. (Unless of course your aim is to bulk out, in which case, check out the protein products!).

Also, check out my Five Top Tips For Keeping Fit Around the World and
How to Look Ripped on Your Travel Adventure – For Free!


Happy Shopping!

Resistance Loops

Resistance Loops

Resistance Training

Resistance Tubes

Resistance Training

Resistance Therabands

TRX Training

TRX Home 2

ON Protein

Optimum Nutrition Protein


TRX GO Suspension Trainer

OWN PWR Protein

Jacob’s Ladder

Revly Beauty Products



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