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Matrix Gym Cusco

Matrix Gym Cusco

Matrix Gym Cusco

Avenida El Sol, Cusco 08000


Opening Times: Mon – Sat 600-2200, Sun – closed

Cost: 20 soles per day or 45 soles for 3 days

Location and Entry

Matrix Gym Cusco is clearly marked from the street with a sign saying “Gimnasio”, along with an image of some bulging biceps – easy to spot! When you enter the building, you’ll find yourself in a small shopping mall. The gym is in the basement and clearly labelled. I headed on down the stairs to the right to arrive in a medium-sized gym, containing fairly new equipment in good condition. I enquired about price and was told it was 20 soles for one visit, which I considered to be neither cheap nor expensive. So I asked the price for 3 days and was told 45 soles, which I accepted. It was unclear whether I needed to use these days consecutively and my Spanish wasn’t up to finding out! I’d be there daily anyway, although she told me they’d be shut the next day as it was Sunday.


The gym itself was fairly busy and the equipment is crammed in, giving it a slightly cluttered feel, although not desperately so. This is predominantly a weights gym – the cardio equipment amounts to three treadmills, two cross-trainers and a rower. That’s your lot. However, if you want to do cardio, bear in mind that Cusco is located at a height of 3300m with significantly less oxygen than you might be used to! Even once I was acclimatised, I found myself much shorter of breath than normal, very noticeable when I trained. I did not use the cardio equipment here, but really noticed how breathless I was even after a week at altitude, just doing weight training!

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The weights equipment is pretty extensive; two large sets of dumbbells, the heaviest of which was 42.5kg. I found some fixed weight barbells, although these only go up to 20kg. I also saw a number of adjustable barbells with plenty of free weights, a Smith machine and benches. Additionally you’ll spot many resistance machines – plenty here for a full-on weights workout.

Studio and Floorspace

Although there is very little floor space in the gym, you’ll find a medium sized studio behind the gym, containing mats, step boards, kettle-bells, medicine balls and rollers, which people were using as a floor space area.

Summary – Matrix Gym Cusco

As Cusco is at significant altitude, the gym is naturally cool and a good temperature for working out. The toilets and showers are in excellent condition and you can enjoy hot water (it was getting a little cooler by the end of my shower though so be quick!). I couldn’t find any hairdryers, and like other gyms in Peru, there is no toilet paper to be seen! Take your own… ? They didn’t provide towels or water either.

All in all, Matrix Gym Cusco is a good weights gym at a fair price, with very friendly staff.

Note: At the time of writing, the gym is listed under another name, “Premium Gym Cusco” on Google and the opening times listed are different from what I was told inside.

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Matrix Gym Cusco

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