Ankle Sprains’ Healing Times

Ankle Sprains’ Healing Times Ankle Sprains – Why Rest is Not The Answer One minute you’re enjoying your sport. The next, an agonising pain and the sinking feeling of knowing you won’t be doing this again for a while. A nightmare for any fitness enthusiast – it happens in an instant, but ankle sprains’ healing […]

Aerobics in Chaiyaphum

Aerobics in Chaiyaphum A semester of teaching Maths in Chaiyaphum, Thailand, was the longest period I’d been stationary on my travels to date. This led me to seek out more than just the best local gym – I wanted classes and I wanted choreography! Location Thankfully I didn’t need to look too hard; an Aerobics […]

Perfect Eggs In The Microwave!

Perfect Eggs in the Microwave… So you’re travelling, you’re hungry and your accommodation only has a microwave. You don’t want to eat out all the time but you can’t face eating yet another sandwich either. The answer is simple….   Yep, eggs! Here I am going to share with you how to cook perfect eggs […]

Types of Resistance Bands – Keep Fit For Free!

Types of Resistance Bands – Keep Fit For Free! Going Travelling? Here we’ll discuss the Types of Resistance Bands You Can Pack. It’s time to look ripped on your travel adventure! Wondering what you’ll do in the absence of your usual well-equipped gym, studio, court or pitch? You can still keep fit – for free! Perhaps […]

Five Top Tips To Keep Fit Around The World

Five Top Tips To Keep Fit Around The World Leaving home to explore exciting new countries in parts of the world you’ve never been to before? Fantastic! Wondering how you’ll maintain your fitness in unfamiliar surroundings, on a budget, with little time on your hands and more exciting things to do? Here are my top […]

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