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Pig Gym Danang

Pig Gym Danang

Pig Gym Danang

33 Đỗ Bá, Bắc Mỹ Phú, Ngũ Hành Sơn, Đà Nẵng 550000


Opening Times: Mon – Sat: 5am – 8pm, Sun: 8am – 6pm

Cost: VND 100k per day, 350k per week, 550k per month



Pig Gym Danang is located around the popular expat / tourist area of My An / An Thuong, close to a lot of the accommodation here. The pricing and opening hours are the same as its sister club, Pig Gym 2 in Hai Chau. It’s correctly positioned on Google and impossible to miss.



Much like its sister club, Pig Gym Danang looks modern and is well equipped with fans throughout, but no air-conditioning sadly – so I definitely recommend training either early or late in the warmer months. This club also seemed noticeably smaller, at least in terms of accessible areas.

I was informed upon arrival that the whole of the upstairs area was offbounds as it’s for personal training only. This seemed a bit of a shame to me as it’s a large area and there were only one or two people up there when I was training.

The gym is well equipped with weights and a small amount of cardio equipment. I suspect upstairs has plenty of floorspace and functional training equipment, but sadly I couldn’t access this area, so this was a bit of a let down.

Pig Gym has some lockers with keys provided. No sign of free drinking water though, but this seems standard in gyms here.



This is what Pig Gym really caters well for, with most of the area taken up with weights equipment. You’ll find dumbbells up to 40kg, barbells up to 30kg and several weights benches.

There are also two flat bench presses, 2 inclined and a wide set of cable crossovers with pull-up bars and several sets of pulleys for back work. I also found another pull up bar, along with a Smith machine and a squat rack.

Most of the machines here are plate-loadable. You’ll find just a few pin-operated ones, including a pec flies/rear delts machine and a few for the legs.


Functional Training

Er, nope. Wrong gym unless you manage to persuade them to let you upstairs. (I say that without knowing what’s up there since it was off-bounds, but it looked like there was some interesting functional equipment up there!)

I do believe I saw a mat or two on the ground floor though.

There’s also a declined abs bench.


The cardio equipment is pretty limited in variety at Pig Gym Danang. I only found four treadmills and two Spin bikes. They appeared to be in great condition though!


Summary of Pig Gym Danang

Pig Gym Danang is in a great location, but somewhat overpriced for a pay pass. It doesn’t have the size or variety of facilities as its sister club Pig Gym 2, but if you just want to weight train and you’re nearby then the monthly rate of VND 550 is a pretty good deal. And I’ll give you the same advice as I did for its sister club – train early or… sweat like a pig!

Personally I would prefer to train at the nearby My An Sport Center. For a cheaper daily rate, you’ll get at least semi-functioning aircon and a wider variety of equipment. Both the weekly and monthly rates are dearer though.


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Pig Gym Danang

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