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Want To Find Gyms Locations While Travelling?

I’ve been travelling for over two and a half years, researching affordable gyms and finding ways to get a good gym workout wherever I go. Every time I go to new area, I look at gym locations nearby and weigh up factors like their cost, facilities and proximity to my accommodation.

Here I’ll share where you can find a gym that doesn’t hit you with high casual rates, and give you information about what sort of facilities you can expect to find in each gym location. You’ll find details of cost, opening hours, how to find it, inside images and equipment you’re likely to find. Check out my reviews and find the most suitable gym for you.

Pick a continent and a country. For each country I give an overview of the sort of price range, currency conversions and general standard of facilities you’re likely to come across. This way you won’t have too many surprises when you’re searching for a gym.

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Please note that Central America is bundled with South America. Sorry if this offends anyone – I’m bound by the limitations of this map.

Ok, geography technicalities over and onto the important stuff:
I give links to Free Passes when possible – see individual gym locations.

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Heading Out Into The Wilderness?

No need to let your fitness slip whilst you’re on your travel adventure – check out my gym-free fitness options here!

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