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About Global Gym Bunny

Global Gym Bunny

About Global Gym Bunny

It Began with a Passion for Fitness…

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Hi, I’m Global Gym Bunny, or Laura, as you’re welcome to call me.

As a teenager, I discovered gyms, weight-training, aerobics, step classes, circuit-training and a number of other group fitness classes. I loved the buzz of exercise and its positive effects on my body, a lifestyle which has stayed with me over the past twenty years and led me into a career as an osteopath in 2014.

At the beginning of 2017 I knew I wanted to travel extensively, see the world, and decided to quit the day jobs and take off. Gulp. I had one main concern about leaving the UK and commencing a trip that I hoped would last at least a year…

How Will I Keep Fit Travelling?

As someone who went to the gym 5-6 times per week, every week (often taking fitness-related holidays when I did go away), my main fears about leaving home and life as I knew it were not related to culture-shock or homesickness, but instead, how would I continue my current level of fitness, weight and muscle mass?

This wasn’t just about keeping slim, I’d also spent years weight-training for both strength and endurance. I didn’t achieve the ability to do full range pull-ups overnight and I wasn’t going to throw it in now. If I couldn’t find a way to maintain and build on my fitness, I feared I’d lose my motivation, stop enjoying travelling and end up back home after a couple of months – or alternatively a year later, 20kg heavier. These were not options for me. The key is…

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Form Good Habits From Day One

How? By making that commitment to myself from the outset and sticking to it.

If there is a gym in the vicinity, I find it. I train a minimum of five days a week, ideally in a gym, if available and in my budget. If not, I find other means of keeping fit. Each time I reach a new location, I vet the area for gyms and check out their facilities and cost. With many gyms aiming their membership rates at residents, tying them into contracts with joining fees, I find out which gyms are willing to cater for a traveller on a budget – knowledge I am now sharing on my website.

Utimately, from day one I have been committed to my fitness and two years later, I’m very happy to say I’m still travelling and still keeping fit around the globe! Thank you for reading about me. 🙂

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