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Aerobics in Chaiyaphum

Aerobics in Chaiyaphum A semester of teaching Maths in Chaiyaphum, Thailand, was the longest period I’d been stationary on my travels to date. This led me to seek out more than just the best local gym – I wanted classes and I wanted choreography. Luckily for me I struck gold and found Aerobics in Chaiyaphum! […]

Step, Aerobics and Fitness Holidays

Step, Aerobics and Fitness Holidays Before I gave up the day jobs and took off “gallivanting” (as my parents like to put it) around the world in February 2017, pursuing fitness in other countries was already something I’d dabbled in. Step, Aerobics and Fitness holidays were standard! As an annual participant of the IFS Blackpool, I […]

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