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Mega Fitness Danang

Mega Fitness Danang

Mega Fitness Danang

91 Lý Tự Trọng, Da Nang, Vietnam


Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 5:00 – 20:30, Sun: 14:00 – 18:00

Cost: 100k per day, 250k per week, 650k per month.


Mega Fitness Danang is located on the city side of Danang, in Hai Chau, not far from Pig Gym 2. It’s a bit further north / out of town than Pig Gym 2, but could work for you, depending on where you’re staying.

It was easy to locate and staff replied to my message (sent via Facebook) almost immediately when I enquired about the cost of a daypass.


Mega Fitness Danang is a large gym set over three floors. The ground floor is the largest with all the main equipment in, ie weights and cardio equipment. The 1st floor (or 2nd depending on where you come from!) contains my favourite room. Why? It’s got functioning aircon! It also contains most of the functional training equipment here as well as other equipment detailed below.

If you exit this room and walk over the bridge (yes, there’s a bridge!) you’ll find boxing equipment amongst other random machines that weren’t homed downstairs.

The top floor seems to be dedicated to studio classes.

Whilst most of the gym was a bearable temperature when I went due to fans, the only room with stand-out AC was aforementioned one on the first floor.

I will also draw your attention to the Sunday opening times here – in my opinion, 14:00 – 18:00 is not the ideal time range to open a gym that’s for the most part not air-conditioned and endures tropical heat for several months a year.  I personally would have preferred a 4 hour window to be  mid-morning, but this is personal preference.

In addition to all the usual gym facilities, note there’s a climbing wall here too! You will also notice a small swimming pool in one of my pictures. However this was empty when I visited.


Whilst you’ll find weights equipment on both floors, you can easily train solely on the ground floor where the majority is located.

Here you’ll find free weight dumbbells up to 40kg and barbells up to 30kg, both straight and curled. I also found three inclined and three flat bench presses. There’s a good selection of both pin-operated and plate-loadable weights machines here too.

The ground floor has a squat rack, Smith machine and wide cable crossovers with pull-up bars, whilst the airconditioned room upstairs has a squat rack and narrow cable crossovers with a pull up bar, in addition to weights up to 30kg in 2kg increments.

You’ll also find a hip extension bench on the ground floor.


Functional Training and Boxing

Most of the functional training equipment at Mega Fitness is located in my favourite room – the air-conditioned one! Here you’ll find kettlebells, BOSUs, medicine balls, mini hurdles, a Swiss ball, a step board, battle-ropes, foam rollers and abs rollers. Although the room is not large, there’s ample space here to knock out some burpees or do other floor work.

Head on out over the bridge to find punchbags, boxing gloves and pads.

Whilst I didn’t notice any mats in here, in all honesty I forgot to check. Either way, bear in mind the floor above this hosts classes and definitely had mats.


The cardio equipment is spread around the gym on different floor. When you put it all together, there’s a reasonable selection and quality.

In the main room you’ll find five treadmills and two crosstrainers. However, if you go up to the first floor, you’ll also see a rowing machine and a Spin bike (in the airconditioned room – bonus!), as well as a recumbent bike, cross trainer and a treadmill elsewhere on this floor.


On the top floor, you’ll find two studios. One of them looked like a yoga studio, with ten mats laid out accordingly for a yoga class. You’ll also find yoga blocks here for this purpose.

The other studio was larger but appeared empty – presumably this is where the Zumba and Group X classes take place.

At the time of writing, this is the class timetable advertised on Mega Fitness Danang’s Facebook page. Please check their page for an up-to-date one.

Currently there are 6 classes per day, Mon – Sat.

As is standard in Vietnam, a significant proportion of the classes are yoga based. Whilst I didn’t do any classes here, be aware that it is standard in yoga classes in Vietnam not to use AC. So, my advice is take a towel to mop yourself up with!

The rest of the classes are currently Zumba and Group X.

Mega Fitness Danang timetable
Mega Fitness Danang timetable (sample, correct May 2023)


Summary of Mega Fitness Danang

I really liked Mega Fitness Danang. Whilst VND 100k for a day pass is a little expensive, it seems to be the norm in this area and I find the weekly rate to be excellent. Having some air-conditioning (albeit in only one room!) was a bonus and the cardio selection is reasonable too.

In fact, Mega Gym Danang ticks all the boxes for me, in terms of having a good range weights, cardio, functional training some boxing equipment. Additionally staff were friendly too. Overall, probably my first choice of gym in this area based on price, although the location may not suit all.


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Mega Fitness Danang

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