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Machu Picchu Altitude Sickness – Lares Trek

Machu Picchu Altitude Sickness – Lares Trek Bumping Around Peru – Macchu Picchu Altitude Sickness And I’ve done it. After all manner of stomach problems and narrowly avoiding hypothermia, I survived the Lares Trek to Machu Picchu, altitude sickness over. Peru had been an experience from the moment we started to ascend up to significant […]

The Nameless Gym In Havana Cuba

The Nameless Gym In Havana Cuba Desague, (between Havana centre and Vedado), about halfway down the street, a gym in Havana, Cuba lies down some steps at the front, in a blue building. Opening times: Mon-Fri: 800-1200 and 1500-2000 Price: 10 CUC per month or 1 CUC per session. BUT, ask to pay in CUP […]

Rafa’s Gym Havana

Rafa’s Gym Havana Plasencia (between Maloja and Sitio), between Vedado district and the centre of Havana Opening times: Mon-Fri 800-1200 and 1600-2000. Price: 10 CUC per month or 1 CUC per session. Location and Facilities Firstly the positives – it’s on Google Maps and there’s a clear sign outside it so you know where it […]

Fit Center Escazú, San José

Fit Center Escazú Avenida 30 (between Calle 138 and 140), Escazú, San José. Facebook Page Opening times: Mon – Fri: 5:30 – 21:00, Sat: 8:00 – 14:00 Cost: Normal cost is C3000 per day or C22 000 per month. If you are staying at Fauna Luxury Hostel as I was, it’s only C1500 per visit […]

Gyms in San José – World Gym Escazú

Gyms in San José – World Gym Escazú Carretera John F Kennedy, Guachipelin, Escazú, San José, Costa Rica Website Get a free pass on their website. (Knowledge of Spanish would be useful!) Opening Times: Mon-Fri: 5:00-22:00, Sat: 7:00-18:00, Sun: 9:00-16:00 Cost: US$20 per day, $50 per week, $75 per fortnight, $100 for 3 weeks, or $120 […]

La Fábrica Gym Antigua

La Fábrica Gym Antigua 1a Avenida Nte, Antigua. Facebook Page Opening times: 5:00-21:00, Sat: 7:00-15:00, Sun: 9:00-13:00 Cost: one day is Q.40 and one week is Q.100. Location Having spotted this gym in close proximity to another towards the East of the town centre, I went to investigate. I found La Fábrica Gym Antigua on […]

Gyms In Antigua

Gyms in Antigua Welcome to my page on Gyms in Antigua! I hope you’re enjoying the cooler climate up here at over 1500m above sea level. It was a a little cool for me, but on the bright side, it was an ideal workout temperature in May when I visited. Please click on the following […]

Antiguas Gym, Antigua

Antiguas Gym House number 31, street 6a Calle Poniente, Antigua Website Opening Times: Mon-Fri: 5:00-21:30, Sat: 7:00-17:00, Sun: 8:00-15:00 Cost: Q.35 for day, Q.110 for a week. Location Antiguas Gym is a medium-large facility, central to Antigua. It is conveniently located just a couple of blocks to the west and one block south of Parque […]

Scandinavia Gym Antigua

Scandinavia Gym Antigua House Number 26A,  7a Calle Poniente, Antigua Facebook Page Opening times 6:00-22:00, Weekends 6:00-18:00 Cost: Q.35 for a day, Q.145 for 5 days, Q.195 for 8 days. My understanding was that the days must be consecutive, although given my level of Spanish, this may not be correct! Location and Entry Scandinavia Gym […]

Gyms In Rio Dulce

Gyms in Rio Dulce Finding gyms in Rio Dulce was hard work, and I certainly got some exercise in trying! I was staying on the river at Tortugal Hotel, and staff at my accommodation told me that there was a gym opposite Hotel Yair (marked on Google), near the centre. Finding the way out along […]

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