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Gyms in Laos are generally of a reasonable standard, although often smaller than those you would find in Western society and typically with more ageing equipment. I was not aware of any chains operating in the regions I visited. English is not widely spoken to any great degree, but they will be able to communicate the price, if not displayed. Both prices and opening hours are usually displayed on the door or by reception (usually in Lao, but with numbers recognizable as prices and times!)

Average price was 10 000 – 15 000 kip, but one gym asked for 50 000 kip.

Currency approximation : US$1 = 8300 kip, €1 = 10200 kip,  £1 = 11600 kip, AU$1 = 6400 kip
at the time of writing.

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Luang Prabang
4000 Islands

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Gyms in Vientiane

Gyms in Vientiane Hey and welcome to Laos’ lovely capital city! On my brief visa run here form Thailand, I used two gyms in Vientiane and checked out two others. I’ll share my findings here. For fulls reviews of the gyms I’ve used, please click on them individually: 1. Sengdara Fitness – 90k kip per […]

Sengdara Fitness Vientiane

Sengdara Fitness Vientiane 5/76 Dongpaina Rd. Ban Sapanthong Neua, Vientiane Facebook Page Opening times : Mon – Sun: 600-2200 Cost: (Backpackers look away now!)  90 000 kip per day for casual use. Gulp. Location Sengdara Fitness Vientiane is located to the East of town, around 3.5km from the night market. I hired a bicycle (for the […]

Vientiane Fitness Center

Vientiane Fitness Center Rue Phai Nam, Ban Sisaket, Vientiane Please note, the sign outside the gym states the address is 001 Radio Station St, but this does not currently exist on Google Maps. Facebook Page Opening Times: Mon-Sun: 600-2100 Cost: 20 000 kip per day or 300 000 per month. Location Vientiane Fitness Center is […]

Gyms in Luang Prabang

Gyms in Luang Prabang Hey and welcome to my page on gyms in Luang Prabang! I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful town, which just happens to be my favourite in Laos. With a beautiful night market, stunning buildings and a great vibe all around, this is a place I’d happily return. And I can be […]

Mr Big Muscle Fitness, Luang Prabang

Mr Big Muscle Fitness, Luang Prabang Kingkitsarath Road, town centre. Opening hours – Recently changed from 6am-8pm daily. There is an ambiguous sign, so it’s unclear whether the new times are 7am-8pm, 6am-7pm or 7am-7pm. Assume the latter to be on the safe side! Cost: 10k – 15k kip – see below!     Location […]

Max Fitness Savannakhet

Gyms in Savannakhet – Max Fitness Sotthanou Road, Savannakhet Facebook Page Opening Times: 600-900 and 1500-2200, 7 days a week Cost: 10k-15k kip Location and Entry Max Fitness is located centrally in Savannakhet, close to the Dinosaur Museum, as well as much of the accommodation. From my initially research, this gym seemed to be the […]

Nok Noy Gym and Fitness, Pakse

Nok Noy Gym and Fitness, Pakse No. 38 Road, almost opposite Louk Saiy Bar Beer Garden. Opening hours: 500-830am and 230-830pm. Cost: 15 000 kip per visit.   Location and Entry First, beware – neither the location nor opening hours were accurate on Google when I went. At the time of writing, Google states there […]

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