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Max Fitness Savannakhet

Max Fitness Savannakhet

Gyms in Savannakhet – Max Fitness

Sotthanou Road, Savannakhet

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Opening Times: 600-900 and 1500-2200, 7 days a week

Cost: 10k-15k kip

Location and Entry

Max Fitness is located centrally in Savannakhet, close to the Dinosaur Museum, as well as much of the accommodation. From my initially research, this gym seemed to be the obvious choice of gyms in Savannakhet.

Although advertised on the door as being 15000 kip per visit, the lady there today told me it would be a very affordable 10 000 when I went in to briefly check out the facilities the night I arrived. I returned the following day to use the gym and despite seeing a different staff member, they still only charged me 10 000, which I didn’t query!


You’ll find an excellent range of very new-looking equipment, including a full range of free weights and adjustable barbells. I saw a number of treadmills as well as a couple of crosstrainers and bikes, so no shortage of cardio options. Additionally, there was a separate floor work area with a few gym toys, including a Swiss ball and a roller.

The friendly staff gave me a free towel to use for the duration of my workout.

Numerous fans were on, but although I could see aircon, it was not in use. The room was a little warm for my liking, but not unbearably so.

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A very good affordable medium-sized gym. Try to avoid going at 1700 as it was very busy. When I returned early morning, it was in contrast almost deserted (around 730am) – bingo.

Beware, at the time of writing the opening times on Google are incorrect. The correct times currently are 600-900 and 1500-2200 every day. Don’t turn up at 10am hoping for a workout, like I did – you’ll be disappointed!

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Max Fitness Savannakhet

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