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Gyms in Vientiane


Gyms in Vientiane

Hey and welcome to Laos’ lovely capital city! On my brief visa run here form Thailand, I used two gyms in Vientiane and checked out two others. I’ll share my findings here.

For fulls reviews of the gyms I’ve used, please click on them individually:

1. Sengdara Fitness – 90k kip per day.

Sengdara Fitness

Sengdara Fitness is an excellent high-end gym 3.5km east of the night market, to which I cycled. This place has all the frills including aircon, towels and great showers and toilets. The gym is spread over two floors and has an excellent range of weights, good amount of modern cardio machines (no rowers) and a large studio with some Les Mills classes! If I’m being picky, it does lack functional equipment, apart from a few kettle-bells and a BOSU. They provide plenty of floor space though and they even serve freshly made protein shakes!

2. Vientiane Fitness Center – 20k kip per day

Vientiane Fitness Centre

Vientiane Fitness Center is a fraction of the price and much more centrally located. You’ll find it’s considerably warmer than Sengdara Fitness, due to a lack of aircon. Not surprising at this price though. The gym is clean and you’ll spot a very inviting swimming pool outside, which you can use! Although I found a good selection of weights, they were pretty messy when I trained, making it annoying to find what I wanted.

I found this gym to be excellent value for money, given its size, location, pool and cleanliness. Vientiane Fitness Center offers a similar range of cardio equipment to Sengdara and I found a matted area for floorwork.


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Other Gyms in Vientiane

3. Vientiane Gym (not to be confused with Vientiane Fitness Center)

Opening times: Mon – Sat: 600-1200 and 1500-2030. Sunday – closed.

Vientiane Gym is located just outside of the centre around 2km to the north of Vientiane. At 15k kip a go, it’s a viable option for those on budget. The gym has a range of (dated) cardio equipment, including treadmills, bikes and crosstrainers, as well as various resistance machines and free weights. You’ll also find floor space with some kettlebells, a wobble disc for stability work and a roller. The gym has a free water dispenser too. Although it’s all looking a little worse for wear, there’s a plenty about for you to get that workout in without cleaning out your bank account!

Overall it is in a similar league to Vientiane Fitness Center in the centre of town. Although Vientiane Gym is slightly cheaper, I’d be inclined to pay the extra 5k and go to Vientiane Fitness Center. The latter is better located if you’re staying centrally, as well as being noticeably bigger and with better machinery, both in terms of range and condition. However, Vientiane Gym does have more kettlebells and free water going for it! Decisions decisions.

There is no website or Facebook page for this gym that I could find.

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4. BeeBee Fitness

Thadeua Road, Vientiane

Facebook Page

BeeBee Fitness is the furthest from town of the ones I’ve mentioned, around 3.5k away. Due to this, I didn’t get to it on this occasion, but thought it was worth a mention as the photos on its Facebook page do look rather appealing. Let me know your thoughts if you make it there!

5. Marktwo Fitness

Facebook Page

According to Google at the time of writing, this gym is located on Quai Fa Ngum, slightly to the West of town. However, I could not find it when I walked to its location. There was only a large attractive looking building that didn’t look anything like a gym and was not labelled as such. Upon further investigation online, I discovered their Facebook page which claims to be both a gym and café.

The (presumably correct) location is shown on their Facebook page and is only 750m away from the false gym location. (Alternatively just type “Marktwo” to see it on Google maps, NOT “Marktwo Fitness”. Sadly I didn’t discover this until after I left Vientiane so I didn’t get a chance to go. Let me know what you find!

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Gyms in Vientiane

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