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Gyms on 4000 Islands – Don Khon and Don Det

4000 Islands

Gyms on 4000 Islands – Don Khon and Don Det

Hi and welcome to the heart of relaxation that is 4000 Islands. One of the most laid back parts of Laos, away from it all. But as far as gyms go, it’s bad news…. I could find no evidence of gyms on 4000 Islands anywhere. But given that these islands do not have an ATM between them, this was no great surprise. So, what to do?

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An enjoyable alternative is to hire a bicycle and cycle around them instead. The dirt tracks are a bit bumpy for running on – I feared I’d sprain my ankle!

BUT, no need to cut short your stay here for fear of piling on the kilos – see my feature on how to How to Look Ripped on Your Travel Adventure – For Free!

TRX Training TRX Training

No gym required and no expensive equipment. I’ve been travelling for over two years and have maintained and in some ways improved my fitness since I left the UK. Yes, despite having access to an excellent health club back home where I worked out six days a week. Want to know how? Read my Five Top Tips For Keeping Fit Around the World.

Although there are no gyms on 4000 Islands, if you’re stopping in Pakse next, you’re in luck. Check out Gyms in Pakse here and compare prices across a range of booking sites with Hotels Combined.

Gyms on 4000 Islands – Don Khon and Don Det

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