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Gyms in Arequipa


Gyms in Arequipa

Hey and welcome to my page on gyms in Arequipa! I hope you enjoy this beautiful city, which at around 2335m high is the perfect place to stop at before doing any high altitude trekking. First and foremost, you can adapt more gradually to the cooler temperatures as well as the reduction in oxygen levels. For me Arequipa was on par wth Cusco, in terms of its beauty and character, whilst also being a little warmer as it’s a bit lower down!

I researched three gyms here, but only had time to train at one, which I’ve written about in detail.

1. Revo Sport Arequipa – 15 soles

Revo Sport Arequipa is located to the east of the city centre, close to Goyeneche station. This large gym is modern and well-equipped, although somewhat messy, so it can be tricky to find the weights you want. It’s popular though and was extremely busy when I attended at 16:30 on a weekday! Overall it caters well for weight-trainers and cardio enthusiasts alike. Click on the link to find out more details.

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Other Gyms in Arequipa

2. Gimnasio Kratos – Deán Valdivia 103

The next gym I located in Arequipa was Gimnasio Kratos. This is more central than Revo Sport and closer to the Plaza de Armas.

I could find little information on Gimnasio Kratos, and due to very limited time here (I was on a group tour here with a set itinerary). I wanted to head straight for a half-decent gym and not risk turning up somewhere I couldn’t train.

3. Punto Fitness – Progreso 530, Miraflores

I also found Punto Fitness to the north of the centre. It’s located slightly more centrally than Revo Sport.

Punto Fitness looked to be a very viable option, it just wasn’t clear to me online whether they definitely took casual visitors, so I opted for Revo, wanting to be sure of a workout. (I’d been disappointed in Lima to discover my nearest gym did not take casual visitors at all.)

Additionally there are a number of other gyms just west of the river, to the West of town if you’re staying that side. Enjoy!

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I hope you have a great time in Peru. If you’ll be hiking Machu Picchu, check out my piece on Machu Picchu Altitude Sickness here! And if you’ve found this helpful and want to support what I do, please consider buying me a coffee – it fuels my energy and motivation to keep writing useful content for all. 🙂

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Gyms in Arequipa

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