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Fitness Gym Puno

Fitness Gym Puno

Fitness Gym Puno

Jiron Fermin Arbulu 165, Puno


Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 500-1300 and 1500-2100 (Sun – closed)

Cost: 8 soles per workout.

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Location and Entry

Clearly labelled from the outside with a big “Gimnasio” sign, further signs direct you into a building up two flights of stairs to the actual gym, which is located centrally in the nicer part of Puno, just a few minutes walk north of Plaza de Armas.


Fitness Gym Puno is a medium-sized gym, split over two floors. The entry level floor of the gym contains mostly cardio machines, namely five spinning bikes, two crosstrainers and two treadmills, along with a lot of lockers (bring your own padlock). You’ll find a number of rather small cubicles for changing in, with just curtains (no door). When I asked where the weights were, I was directed up (yet another) flight of stairs. Bearing in mind Puno is at 3800m, this was fairly exhausting in itself, and I wouldn’t recommend doing cardio here unless you are very well acclimatised. Weight training had me gasping for breath and I was acclimatised!


Upstairs is the weights area, which contains everything most people would need. Dumbbells go up to 42.5kg each and barbells are in the lower end of the range, going up to 30kg. There are a number of adjustable ones too. Although much of the equipment is ageing a little, everything I used worked perfectly. Staff were friendly and helpful and the gym is excellent value for money at 8 soles a go. Whilst it wouldn’t win any awards for aesthetics, the pumping music certainly helped the atmosphere. Between 1600-1715 when I was there, it was moderately busy, including a couple of people having personal training.

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Functional Training

Fitness Gym Puno does however lack floor space and I could only find one mat, though it was at least a good one and not in use! I didn’t see much in the way of functional training equipment either. But it does boast a studio which I didn’t see, so perhaps was possibly potential for using that as floor space/a functional training area – I didn’t look as I was able to create my own in the gym since it wasn’t overly busy.

Apologies for lack of pics, I forgot my phone!

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Fitness Gym Puno

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