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Gyms In Lima (Miraflores)

Global Gym Bunny Lima Miraflores

Gyms In Lima (Miraflores)

Hi and welcome to my page on gyms in Lima. During my short stay here, I found and visited two gyms, both of which are in Miraflores. I heard that this area is one of the safest and nicest parts of Lima and I enjoyed my time here. Check out my experiences below.

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1. BodyTech Miraflores

I attended BodyTech Miraflores as the first of my gyms in Lima and worked out here. For a full review, please click here.

Next up, the other significant gym I found in Miraflores, Lima was:

2. SmartFit Peru – Headquarters Benavides

Av. Alfredo Benavides 347, Cercado de Lima 15074

Website (in Spanish)

I walked in to enquire about the cost of using the gym, but was informed it is for members only and I would need to sign a contract to tie me in. Gulp. Er, no thanks, I’m leaving here in two days!

Unfortunately, these gyms in Lima are all I had time to check out this visit. I’ll be back.

Alternative Training

In the meantime, it’s time to get out the resistance tubes! These are very handy things to carry around with you to ensure you get that workout in, regardless of cost of a gym. So, please check out my feature on Types of Resistance Bands.

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A Note on Safety

When I asked staff at my hostel about buses to the centre of Lima (eg the square for Plaza de Armas), they warned me about safety issues walking around Lima. She told me specifically which streets I should walk down from the bus stop to the square – and which streets to avoid. Naturally, this made me a little paranoid about walking around Lima alone – what if I took a wrong turn? Pulling out my mobile on the wrong street to look at maps seemed like it could be a bad idea, if crime was as common as she led me to believe. I’d asked her about buses late morning, not even at night!

There’s a lot to be said for travelling in a group, not only for safety, but for fun! Usually, travel adventures are better shared than done alone, and it takes all the brain work out of planning too. Check out Urban Adventures’ Range of Day Trips here. Whether you want a cultural tour of Lima’s famous churches, parks and plazas with a local, English-speaking guide, a cycling trip to the coast, or an evening food adventure sampling local cuisine, you’ll find something to suit your taste here.

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Whatever you choose to do, happy travels – be fit and be safe!

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Gyms In Lima (Miraflores)

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