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BodyTech Miraflores

BodyTech Miraflores

BodyTech Miraflores

Av 28 de Julio 1005, Miraflores 15074


Opening hours: Mon – Thu: 500-2300, Fri: 500-2200, Sat: 700-1700, Sun: 700-1600

My first workout in Peru!

Location and Entry

I turned up shortly after opening time on Sunday morning, hoping to be let in. My early arrival (the result of jetlag and a very early night the day before) was probably a blessing. There was no-one at reception, only a cleaner in the hallway who gestured to me to head on upstairs into BodyTech Miraflores. I did so, and tempting though it was just to make myself at home and commence my workout, I decided it would be decent to find a staff member and offer to pay.

I did so and was led downstairs by a guy who I believe was a personal trainer, who told me there should be someone on reception. There wasn’t – probably a good thing. I’d done my research online and seen there was a 3 day free trial which I’d attempted to register for. One of the boxes said “DNI”, which I believe is some form of ID here. I just filled in my passport number instead hoping that would do, but I wasn’t convinced the form filling had worked; I hadn’t had an email confirmation and nothing had happened when I’d clicked confirm. But at least in telling the guy (who spoke reasonable English) that I was interested in the 3 day trial, I looked like I meant business!

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Take your passport…

He asked me for my ID and I presented my passport, having brought it along. I got the impression he wanted some sort of Peruvian ID/residency number. But whilst friendly, he also looked like he couldn’t really be bothered to sort out awkward customers. He asked if he could hang onto my passport until the proper receptionist arrived and then saw from my face I wasn’t thrilled with the idea. I had no concerns about them holding it, I was only concerned I’d forget to ask for it back later! He told me not to worry and to follow him. He then gave me a small card to fill in my details on and I asked if I should do it now. Later, he said this would be fine and gestured I could start working out. No money requested, phew!


I made myself at home in this excellent well-equipped gym. BodyTech Miraflores is large, mostly on one floor but with changing rooms and a small workout area above. Additionally there’s a studio with a comprehensive class timetable with everything from Pilates to RPM and Zumba to functional training classes. There’s also a cage-like sectioned off area in the main gym which has boxing bags in it. You’ll also find an extensive range of cardio equipment as well as free weights and ample floor space. Really, there’s pretty much everything you could hope for! The mats are rather small though. But I found quite a lot of them so there’s nothing to stop you taking two, which I did.


I highly recommend BodyTech Miraflores, although I still have no idea what the cost would be normally. Neither am I sure if I’d have been let in at all if the regular receptionist had been there!

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BodyTech Miraflores

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