Revo Sport Arequipa

Revo Sport Arequipa

Revo Sport Arequipa

Paucarpata 302, Arequipa

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Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 500-2300, Sat: 600-1800, Sun: 700-1400

Cost: 15 soles, includes a towel.

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Location and Entry

My accommodation was North and slightly East of Plaza de Armas de Arequipa – a popular and beautiful square. After researching the nearby gyms, I located three that were potentially viable and decided on the furthest, Revo Sport Arequipa – 20 minutes walk from my accommodation to the east of town, near Goyeneche station.

We’d driven past another “Revo Sport”, and having concluded it was a chain, I was optimistic about the standard of facilities. I entered the building and was pleased that the friendly staff were very tolerant of my abuse of the Spanish language. The cost was 15 soles and this includes free use of a towel. Bring your own padlock though if you want to secure your bag – I’d forgotten mine and she was kind enough to lend me one. They initially offered to store my things at reception but as I had my passport and phone with me, I either wanted them on me or locked up.

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I went up the stairs to the gym – a large square open room with absolutely everything. I went from 1630 – 1730 on a weekday when it was very busy. Although the room was spacious, I frequently had to wait to use equipment at this hour. There was however plenty of floor space for functional training, including TRX’s. The number of dumbbell weights was huge – and necessary – to cater for the volume of people. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many in a gym before! But rather annoyingly, they were not in any form of order, meaning it could take a while to find the ones you want. They were mostly in pairs but not always. There are ample barbells as well and lots of cardio equipment. Basically it has everything you could expect to find in any decent modern chain, except for one critical point….

Beware, there is no toilet roll in the building! And it wasn’t just that someone forgot to refill the cubicles – there was no evidence of toilet roll holders or anything else to suggest that they normally provide it. This seemed rather strange in changing rooms that were otherwise well equipped with lockers, clean showers and toilets – but be warned – take your own or do without!


Revo Sport Arequipa is an excellent well-equipped gym. Note, Arequipa is 2300m above sea level and is therefore generally a more comfortable temperature for most people than hotter Lima. The gym was also well ventilated and a good temperature.

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Revo Sport Arequipa

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