Superfit Hoi An Fitness & Yoga

Superfit Hoi An Fitness and Yoga

Superfit Hoi An Fitness & Yoga 2020

101 Lý Thái Tổ, Sơn Phong, Hoi An

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Opening hours: 6:00 – 19:00, 7 days a week
(Shorter hours than when I came two years ago, perhaps due to covid / reduced tourism)

Cost: 100k dong per go, 150k for 2 days, 200k for 3 days.

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And I’m back! This gym was one of the first I wrote about, nearly 2.5 years ago when GGB was born. And frankly, I could have done a better job, so I came back to do exactly that!

The location hasn’t changed – it’s still a 15-20 minute walk northeast of the town centre, or jump on a bicycle if your accommodation provides them. Superfit Hoi An is easy to find, well-marked and worth turning up for.


In terms of equipment, Superfit Hoi An Fitness and Yoga certainly has it all. It caters for all mainstream gym workouts well, with a good range of cardio machines, weights, floorspace and mats. This fairly large facility is modern, attractive and in opinion, one of the best in Hoi An.

Where does it fall down? Aircon, in a word. Yes, it has aircon, and you’ll be sure to notice the temperature drop as you walk in. This is mainly because reception is the best air-conditioned part of the actual gym. And it hasn’t changed in two years. Despite seeing aircon vents all around the gym, most seemed to be off (or perhaps just ineffective). There are plenty of overhead fans, but it didn’t feel like they were doing much. So whilst it’s better than no AC, it’s a long way off an optimum gym temperature. This is a shame when it’s otherwise a top notch facility.

But they’ll prepare you well – they gave me a towel upon entry to mop myself up with. Take your own water though as I couldn’t see free refills.

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This Hoi An gym caters very well for all aspects of types of weight training. You’ll find dumbbell free-weights up to 40kg.

They’ve provided two flat, two inclined and one declined bench press, a preacher curl, and wide pull-up bars with cable crossovers for your upper body.

You’ll also see a multi-purpose station for pull-ups and squats, along with a Smith machine here.

There are a handful of plate-loadable machines, namely a hack-squat, shoulder press, chest press and row.

The gym is also well-equipped with general, pin-operated resistance machines for both the upper and lower body.

Functional Training

Superfit Hoi An Fitness includes a large L shaped functional training area around the gym. It’s nicely sectioned off for a little privacy in parts. It’s well-equipped with a range of gym toys too – yay!

In it, you’ll find a large heavy tyre, complete with a weapon for beating it up with. You’ll also find two heavy hanging punchbags with sets of gloves and pads.

Boxing aside, there are foam rollers, BOSUs, steps and risers, stools of different heights, battleropes, Swiss balls, skipping ropes and several lightweight kettlebells.

They’ve also provided a generous number of mats, which you’ll find near the lockers.

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The offerings here i comprise a reasonable range of equipment. They’ve provided five treadmills, five Spin bikes and two crosstrainers. Elsewhere in the gym I found some vibrating machines.

Summary of Superfit Hoi An

Superfit Hoi An Fitness and Yoga has excellent facilities to accommodate most gym workouts, including a generous amount of floorspace. For me, the ineffective aircon really let it down though. Admittedly the cost here is very attractive and probably reflects that. To be fair, it may well be the best air-conditioned gym in Hoi An. But that fact alone is partly why I am currently based in Danang, not here, as I don’t see myself enjoying workouts here longterm!

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Superfit Hoi An Fitness & Yoga

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