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Gyms in Hoi An

Gyms in Hoi An

Gyms in Hoi An

Hi and welcome to my page on gyms in Hoi An. I hope you’re enjoying this unique little town, so different from every other place I’ve visited. A true highlight of Vietnam and located close to Danang, my favourite Vietnamese city – I know I’m not alone!

I managed to get to five gyms here during my time and I worked out at three of these. For full reviews of these three gyms, please click on the individual links or scroll down for an overview of all gyms below.

1. Superfit Hoi An Fitness and Yoga – VND 100k per day

Superfit Hoi An is the most upmarket of all the gyms I found here, as well as the most expensive. For your extra money you’ll get a little aircon, overall nicer facilities and a free towel. This modern and attractive gym caters well for cardio enthusiasts, weight trainers and functional trainers alike. It’s around 1.5km out of town though.


2. Tuấn Toàn Fitness & Yoga – VND 50k per day

FTuan Toan Gymantastic gym located 15-20 minutes walk north of town. It’s very well equipped with cardio, weights and functional equipment. Dumbbells go up to 40kg and there’s plenty of space in which to use them and do other floor work. No aircon here though which keeps the price down. All in all, a good all-round value gym.


3. Hoang Dung Fitness & Kick Boxing Center – VND 30k per day

Hoang Dung Fitness is welcomingly cheap at 30k per day, but the downside is that you are effectively training in a sauna. It’s a large facility but has the oldest equipment of these three gyms. It’s got its own boxing area though! You’ll find it very close to Tuan Toan Fitness and Yoga, just north of town. Train early (it opens at 5am) for an optimum training temperature.


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I discovered one other gym which I couldn’t see a website for, but you’ll find it here and I went to investigate…

4. Song Phom Gym – VND 50k per day

It happened to be the closest to my accommodation and was located 900m south of Superfit. It was also fairly cheap at 50k dong per visit, but after having a quick look I rejected it on the grounds that it was probably one of the messiest gyms I have seen in an entire year of travelling. The equipment, which (as I recall) were all weights and resistance machines, literally looked as though it had all fallen out of a passing aeroplane. I found everything in total disarray with little space between machines and there were weights all over the floor.

Additionally the floor at Song Phom Gym was covered in loose thin mats/tiles that were trip hazards. I’ve seen some scruffy gyms in my time and I’m no gym snob. Ultimately, if the gym’s equipment is functional then I’ll use it. Yes, even if I finish my workout covered in black grease from dirty worn out pulleys (as I did in a gym in Botswana!). But just walking from one piece of equipment to another here would have been hazardous and it just looked very uninviting.

Which Gym in Hoi An Should I Pick?

Superfit was the most upmarket of the five gyms I found in Hoi An due to being the best ventilated, with at least partial aircon.

I arrived Sunday afternoon to discover that two of the others were shut, despite being advertised as open on Google. These were Thanh Son and Tuấn Toàn Fitness & Yoga.  Another of Google’s suggestions called itself “Gym” but displayed pictures of food. I decided to give it a miss entirely. My site is very much about using calories, not consuming them.

I was able to visit Tuấn Toàn Fitness & Yoga at a later date and found it to be excellent value for money at only 50k a go. It’s around 15-20 minutes walk from the centre of the old town. No aircon but it has a good number of fans, taking the edge off what would have been a sauna. It was large and extremely well-equipped; in my opinion it’s the best value all around gym.

Located just a few hundred metres away, you’ll find Hoang Dung Fitness and Kick Boxing Center at only 30k – the cheapest gym I found here. However, its fans were less effective and equipment was not as good quality as Superfit or Tuấn Toàn. I dripped my way around it!

Summary of Gyms in Hoi An

If you’re on a budget but don’t fancy attempting a workout in a sauna full of dated equipment, I’d say the best all round budget gym in Hoi An is Tuấn Toàn Fitness & Yoga at 50k.

If you’re really wanting to save your cents, you’d get a bargain workout at Hoang Dung Fitness and Kick Boxing Center. This is especially the case if you’re willing to train at 5am when it’ll be a little cooler. Don’t underestimate the temperatures here though, 5am is frequently extremely hot!

For the coolest gym thermally, I’d advise heading for the most expensive gym, Superfit. However, I’m not convinced it’s cool enough to warrant paying double what you’d pay at Tuấn Toàn Fitness & Yoga. When I went, I found very limited aircon!

Song Phom is the best located if you’re staying in the centre. It probably had enough equipment in it to do a full weights workout. But even on a backpacker’s budget I’d advise either walking further out to Tuấn Toàn Fitness & Yoga, or paying the extra to use Superfit. This is especially the case if you’ll be around for a few days to take advantage of the lower price per workout.

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Gyms in Hoi An

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