Servus Sports Centre, Lloydminster

Servus Sports Centre

Servus Sports Centre Lloydminster

5202 12 Street, Lloydminster, AB


Class timetable: Servus post a monthly schedule.

Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 530 – 2200, Sat and Sun: 900-2100

Cost: $7.50 per day, $67.50 for ten passes and $50.75 per month

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Location and Entry

This large gym in Lloydminster is situated on the second floor of a large sports centre, a couple of kilometres south of the centre.


Claiming to be Lloydminster’s largest multisport and event hosting facility, Servus Sports Centre certainly delivered on the gym front. Friendly staff showed me around the gym’s extensive facilities upon entry and both towels and padlocks are provided for free as part of your workout.


The gym caters well for all levels from beginner to heavy weight trainer. You’ll find dumbbells up to 110lbs* and barbells up to 125lbs. There’s a full set of both straight and curled and you’ll also find kettlebells up to 70lbs*. There are additionally a couple of squat racks and a Smith machine, as well as a number of benches. You’ll also see a range of medicine balls from super-lightweight up to 25lbs.

*Since publishing this, Servus have informed me they have invested into dumbbells which go up to 120lbs and kettlebells up to 100lbs.

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There is a large range of the usual cardio machines, all of which looked to be in good condition. These include treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, rowers and steppers.

In addition to the gym and its many cardio machines, there is a three-lane, 240 long indoor running track on the floor above. Best of all it’s included in your entry fee! For those who don’t like running on treadmills but aren’t brave enough to venture out in the cooler climate of Canada either, this is ideal!

Classes and Functional Training

Servus has two sizeable studios with separate class timetables, one of which is open for general use when classes are not in progress. Not that you’d need any extra floor space as there is already a large dedicated area available with a very generous number of gym toys, but it’s great to be spoilt for choice! The studios contain stepboards, BOSUs, lightweight dumbbells, mats, Swiss balls and hoops. The floor area of the gym additionally contains Wall-balls, foam rollers, stools, skipping ropes, resistance bands, TRX’s and a roller and ample space to use them. You won’t get bored here!

Since publishing this post, Servus have invested into a new Spin studio!

A New Revelation…

Another unusual sight, this time in the gym, was Jacob’s Ladder. I have to confess I’d never seen one before, but I thought it made for an excellent piece of functional exercise equipment – a great cardio challenge, yet low intensity and a great all-over body workout. Ultimately you are climbing a ladder set at 40 degrees, yet you’re never very far from the floor so it’s safe and fun even if you don’t like heights. Hoping to find this again soon as I really liked it! For more information see here.

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Summary of Servus Sports Centre

Servus Sports Centre is my favourite gym in Lloydminster and superb value for the price. Although it is the same price as Bioclean, the gym is several times the size and I highly recommend it on all counts – facilities, cleanliness, friendly staff and the range and quality of equipment.

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Servus Sports Centre, Lloydminster

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