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Motion Fitness Lloydminster

Motion Fitness Lloydminster

Motion Fitness Lloydminster

4203 70 Ave, Lloydminster, AB, T9V 3L9


Opening Times: Mon – Thu: 5:00 – midnight, Fri: 5:00-22:00, Sat: 7:00-22:00, Sun: 8:00-21:00

Cost: $20 per session for a casual visit.
Membership rates cost as little as $4.99 for 2 weeks, currently without a joining fee. However, you’ll need to give three months notice if you want to quit, ie from $30.


Motion Fitness Lloydminster is a large gym, located a couple of kilometres to the West of the town centre.


Friendly staff greeted me and showed me around the attractive, well-looked after facility. It’s a similar size to both Fit4Less and Servus Sports Centre, with a comparable range of equipment. Motion Fitness probably has the edge aesthetically, due to its windows and natural daylight, in addition to being very clean. Staff informed me that everything is wiped down on a daily basis. (Usually, how often gym machines are cleaned is something of a mystery and something we’d perhaps not want to know the answer to!)

Motion Fitness Lloydminster is spread out over two floors with all the cardio equipment on the smaller floor upstairs, apart from two rowing machines. You’ll find these on the ground floor with all the weights, in an open-plan, easy to navigate, well-spaced out gym.

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Women Only…

And for women wanting their own area, I discovered a separate, smaller, female-only gym. I found a good mix of cardio equipment, free-weights, a handful of resistance machines and some functional training equipment here.


Dumbbells go up to 75lbs and barbells go up to 110lbs with a full set of both straight and curled bars. This is in addition to a range of disc weights going up to 45lbs. You’ll find a couple of Smith machines, a squat rack and several benches with racks.

What I liked most about this gym was that the dumbbells ascended in much smaller increments than most gyms (including all others in Lloydminster). So, if 20lbs dumbbells are too easy but 25lbs feel too heavy, come here and get pumping with 22.5lb dumbbells!


The cardio equipment consists of the usual good quality equipment you’d expect to find in a modern gym. Here I found a number of bikes, treadmills, step climbers, steppers, ellipticals and arc trainers. I was also pleased to see more Jacob’s Ladders, an excellent piece of functional training equipment which I discovered yesterday at Servus Sports Centre.

Functional Training

You’ll find a large floor area in the main gym with foam rollers, Swiss balls, TRX’s, mats, ropes, BOSUs, resistance bands, stools, medicine balls etc.

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The club has two studios and although these are currently not in use for classes, staff told me they will be shortly; in any case, both are currently open to users to make use of the space for floor work.


Overall, I thought Motion Fitness Lloydminster was a great gym, but the main downside here for me was the price. For a one-off casual visit, this club is by far the most expensive in Lloydminster. The others range from $7.50 to $10.50, sadly making it something of a showstopper if you’re travelling on a budget. For longer stays it may be well worth considering. Check out more Gyms in Lloydminster for details.

In my opinion, the best all round gym is Servus Sports Centre, based on its facilities, as well as the being the cheapest in Lloydminster.

Additionally, one plus point here was the delicious protein shakes on offer. I saw a menu of around 10, all freshly made and the peanut butter one I had was absolutely delicious – recommended!

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Motion Fitness Lloydminster

2 thoughts on “Motion Fitness Lloydminster

  1. Servus and Motion are not similar in size to fit for less. Fit for less is small and extremely cramped. Fit for less could fit in the women’s change room and women’s only area of motion fitness, Or the group class rooms at Servus.
    It’s always been a 2 month cancelation policy. If you’re comparing membership prices motion fitness is much more affordable. How is 5$ biweekly more than 50$ per month? Even their most expensive membership is 20$ bi weekly.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Bailey. To clarify the cost issue, my website is aimed at travellers on a budget. I hope it can be a useful resource to residents too, but the costs given in my posts are the cost of short-term gym use (per day, and/or per week if offered). At $20 a day last August, this worked out as the most expensive option, compared to other nearby gyms I visited.
      Regarding size, I broadly categorize gyms and didn’t feel it was much different from the other larger gyms in the area, in terms of space / range of equipment. Happy to accept Fit4Less is a bit smaller (think I put it was medium-large in the post), it just didn’t seem vastly different to me, and a not huge factor when comparing the larger gyms.

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