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Fit4Less, Lloydminster

Fit4Less Lloydminster

Fit4Less Lloydminster

5027 – 44th Street Unit 105A, Lloydminster, AB – T9V 0A6


Opening hours: 24/7 for members, or
Staffed hours: Mon – Fri: 700-2200, Sat and Sun: 1100-1600

Cost: $10.50 per session


Fit4Less Lloydminster is a medium-large gym, well-located in the town centre, just to the southwest of the main intersection.


The gym’s open plan layout is ideal for newcomers finding their way round.

All equipment looked very new and in excellent condition. The gym reminded me of Planet Fitness in the USA in some senses, although catered better for serious weight trainers.

The facility’s main oddity is that the designated “washrooms” contain only toilets and sinks; for showering facilities, look behind the lockers, which are in the main gym area. There are 3-4 each of unisex showers and changing rooms, available for use during staffed hours.

Other amenities at the club include hydromassage beds, massage chairs, tanning and virtual classes. When I attended the virtual studio was open but not in use. The room looked in the same excellent condition as the rest of the gym and contained a few weights.

I was not asked for photo ID, but bring a padlock for the lockers and a towel. Don’t panic if you decide to shower there and see a single blue button to control the shower. The water is not cold, it’s a lovely temperature!

How Well Do You Really Know Lloydminster?


The dumbbells only went up to 75lbs (compared to at least 100lbs in most other gyms) but the barbells were a more standard range – 20 – 110lbs. There were two full sets of both dumbbells and fixed weight barbells. Additionally, there were several adjustable barbells, racks and benches. Like Planet Fitness, the gym has a 30 minute express circuit area, consisting of a number of cardio and resistance machines. Fit4less recommend using this area as detailed here.

Functional Training

There is a dedicated generously-matted floor-space area, with a number of Swiss balls, medicine balls and a rack of lightweight dumbbells next to it. The area was very clean and when I attended at 11am on a Saturday, staff were mopping both the mats and the floor.


There are a large number of cardio machines including bikes, various ellipticals and arc trainers, treadmills, in addition to several rowing machines, not always present even in larger gyms.

A Word On Footwear…

You’ll notice a designated shoe changing area near the entrance to Fit4Less Lloydminster and staff encouraged me to change from my outdoor shoes into my indoor shoes upon arrival. Although clean indoor-only shoes might be desirable in any gym, it’s the first time I’ve actually been requested to change mine. I had arrived in my training shoes and thankfully they were clean (mainly as I bought new ones recently!), so no-one objected when I pointed this out. Might be another story had they been dirty!

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Fit4Less, Lloydminster

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