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Bioclean Aquatic Centre, Lloydminster

Bioclean Aquatic Centre

Bioclean Aquatic Centre Lloydminster

2902 59 Ave, Lloydminster, AB, T9V 3H5


Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 600-21:00, Sat – Sun: 12:00-21:00
*Note, their website says to call to find out hours of operation, so use these as a guideline only.
Phone: +1 780 8754497

Cost: $7.50 per session (includes pool use too), $65.25 for 10 times, or $43.50 for one month.


So, here I am in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan – that well-known Canadian tourist trap. Not. It was top of my list though as my cousin lives here, so no world trip would be complete without a visit! We began with a trip to this facility located to the southwest of town.


As the name suggests, Bioclean Aquatic Centre is ultimately a swimming pool with various waterbased activities on offer. In addition to this, there is a fairly small gym. At $7.50 a go, I found this to be very reasonable and used it whilst my cousin swam.

Although quite small, the gym has in my opinion made wise choices of how to use the available space.

Cardio and Functional Training

Cardio equipment consists of one bike, one stepper, two elliptical trainers and two treadmills.

Functional training equipment includes medicines balls (from 2 – 12lbs), a BOSU, a Swiss ball, kettlebell and a box with various small gym toys, including resistance bands. You’ll find two mats with a little room for floor space – or a lot, depending on how busy the gym is.

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Resistance machines consist of a lat pull down (fixed, not with a cable), shoulder press and pec deck, along with a set of pull-up bars. You’ll also find one squat rack with one adjustable barbell (the only adjustable barbell in the gym) which additionally has a bench under it for bench-presses. There’s also an adjustable bench for abs work. There’s a full rack of freeweight dumbbells going up to 60lbs.

When I attended at 830am on a Friday morning I was the only person using the gym for the hour I stayed. Perfect, but given the size of the gym and lack of range of equipment, this could of course be problematic. However Lloydminster has a good range of gyms, at least some of which offer much larger facilities, so I imagine serious gym-goers would probably pick elsewhere since (as the name suggests) this place is really focussed on aquatic activities, so you could well be lucky too.


All in all, good value for money if you have the flexibility (and luck) to attend during a quiet time when no-one else is using it. However, apart from the one adjustable barbell, there’s little here for the serious weight trainer.

The gym was very clean and someone even came in to mop whilst I was there, thankfully staying clear of where I was about to perform squats and lunges; a slippery wet floor would not have been conducive to a safe and successful workout!

How Well Do You Really Know Lloydminster?

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Bioclean Aquatic Centre, Lloydminster

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