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Gym Tai Nguyen Fitness and Yoga 3

Gym Tai Nguyen Dalat

Tai Nguyen Fitness and Yoga 3

Phường 2, Thành phố Đà Lạt, Lâm Đồng


Opening Hours: 5:00 – 21:00

Cost: 100k per day or 300k dong per month


Those of you who troubled yourselves to put this address into Google might be a little perturbed to discover it comes up with a coffee shop. Don’t be, I just thought we’d have a day off training today and go for a coffee.

Nope? Oh all right then, let me explain – the gym isn’t currently listed on Google maps, but is in fact next door to the coffee shop which is, so I put that address down instead. It’s called Sam’s Coffee and you can have a coffee there after your workout if you work hard. 😉

As you’ll see from the image, Gym Tai Nguyen 3 is clearly labelled, so much so that I spotted it by accident when I walked past (probably looking for a coffee shop, as I am prone to doing when not in the gym).

Go up the stairs, as opposed to being lured into the basement by the sight of a class timetable.


Pretty good actually! Gym Tai Nguyen 3 is a very new modern facility set across two floors, with weights and cardio equipment on both. The equipment is all top of the range and the club is almost spotlessly clean, as gyms go. The temperature inside was great and I was one of very few people there when I rocked up at 1300. There are lockers, which I didn’t use, but I think you need to get a key from reception and the friendly staff pointed out there is a sauna! As I wasn’t prepared, I didn’t use it though. Toilets and showering facilities looked good though!

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The ground floor hosts the free weights, though you’d be forgiven for not noticing them on your first reccy of the place. You’ll find them behind reception at the back of the building and they go up to 38kg. You’ll also find a rack of fixed weight barbells, but these only go from 6 to 20kg. However there are several adjustable ones you can make up and plenty of clips around to secure them with. There are several bench press racks here as well as downstairs, so you’re spoilt for choice on that front!

You’ll also find a Smith and squat machine here on the ground floor, along with a whole host of resistance machines for upper and lower body. There are a further selection of these upstairs as well.

This floor also has assisted pull ups and a leg press.

That’s pretty much it for this floor, but upstairs you’ll find cable crossovers and pull up bars. The loadable resistance machines are here too and include a shoulder press, preacher curls machine, a standing squat/leg press machine and a row. There’s also a pec deck here and further general resistance equipment.

Functional Training

At the back of the upper floor, you’ll find a small to medium sized functional training area right above the dumbbells. This is fairly basic but has a decent amount of floor space, a good range of kettlebells, mats, a handful of super-lightweight dumbbells and a few stepboards. Being tucked away from the rest of the gym, it’s a really pleasant area for doing your own thing.

In the main gym area on this floor you’ll also find some inclined abs benches and hip extension benches.

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The cardio equipment is split over the two floors. The lower floor hosts eight treadmills and the upper floor has around four Spin bikes and some strange machines with belts.


Gym Tai Nguyen 3 has top of the range facilities and costs only 100k per visit. Sounds great! Until you consider that the monthly rate is only 300k. So perhaps the daily rate is a little pricy? The other gyms I’ve been aware of here seem to be around 50k, although I have yet to see one which has as big or modern facilities as here yet – so, overall recommended if you don’t mind spending a few extra dong!

And in case you’re wondering, I am aware of other Gym Tai Nguyen clubs in Dalat, so yes, there is a relevance to the 3. I will keep you posted…

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Gym Tai Nguyen Fitness and Yoga 3

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