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Khanh Gym Dalat III

Khanh Gym Dalat

Khanh Gym Dalat III

19 Đường Thông Thiên Học, Phường 2, Thành phố Đà Lạt, Lâm Đồng


Opening Hours: 5:00 – 20:00, 7 days a week

Cost: 25 dong per session


Khanh Gym Dalat III is located slightly north of the town centre, about 20 minutes walk from Dalat market. It is well signposted and very close to its position on Google maps. You’ll need to walk briefly down an alleyway to get there.


Khanh Gym Dalat is small to medium sized and is the cheapest gym I’ve found here so far. There’s a great atmosphere in the gym and staff were friendly. It is however a fairly cluttered gym due to the space and not particularly tidy either. But if you’re not the health and safety police, this probably won’t worry you too much – weights are generally racked and it’s easy to find what you want in this open plan gym. I didn’t see any aircon, but nor is it necessary in this climate. I saw a couple of fans and the gym was a comfortable temperature.


You’ll find an extensive range of dumbbells here up to 46kg and a few adjustable barbells to get you started. There are a few weights benches and reasonable space to train in this area.

You’ll also find a fair number of resistance machines, both disc-loadable and standard variety. Standard equipment includes a combined leg extension and leg curl, an abductor/adductor machine, a shoulder press and lat pull down.

Loadable resistance equipment included a leg press and shoulder press.

You’ll also find a Smith machine in addition to a combined Smith machine and squat rack. There are several bench press stations here with adjustable benches. You’ll see a couple of inclined abs benches and a hip extension bench.

Functional Training

Impressively, this fairly small facility has its own dedicated floorspace area. It’s not huge but it’s, well, functional?! At least for a couple of people at a time. Although it’s not massively well equipped with gym toys, you’ll find an abs roller here and a Swiss ball.

In the middle of the gym you’ll also see a boxing bag, along with a bucket of gloves and pads.


I found two treadmillls, a crosstrainer and 3 Spin bikes here. Equipment was not the most modern but was in good working order.

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Summary of Khanh Gym Dalat

Khanh Gym Dalat is a bargain and half the price of the next cheapest gym I’ve found here to date. It’s great value for what it is, although the location may not be most convenient if you don’t have your own transport.

Take your own water and a towel.

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Khanh Gym Dalat III

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