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Rosy Spa Gym, Dalat

Rosy Spa Gym Dalat

Rosy Spa Gym Dalat

10/1 Phù Đổng Thiên Vương, 670000 Da Lat


Opening Hours: 6:00 – 22:00, 7 days a week

Cost: 50k dong per day, 200k per week, 300k per month


Rosy Spa Gym is located to the north of Dalat, about 1km from the centre – a pleasant walk in the mild climate here. It’s easily noticeable from the street in the correct location on Google Maps. Pay at reception on the ground floor and then walk two floors up to the gym – there’s even a lift / elevator!


This medium-sized gym boasts fairly modern facilities and is well kept. You’ll find one or two toilets and shower and there is free water available. (When I went, it looked at a glance like only hot water was available, but hot was actually cold, thankfully!)

Although no aircon was on, it wasn’t necessary when I went; fans are present but not switched on and really didn’t need to be either.

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Dumbbells go up to over 40kg. I say ‘over’ because there were at least several sets of unlabelled ones which looked heavier. There are also several adjustable barbells.

You’ll also find a few resistance machines connected to the cable crossovers, including a combined leg extension/curl, a pec deck, lat pulldown, tricep pulldown and row.

Along with several sets of pull-up bars, there’s also a preacher curl station, inclined leg press and several adjustable bench press racks.

Next to the cardio equipment you’ll find an inclined abs bench and a hip extension bench.

I have found another combined Smith machine/squat rack in this gym – my second in Vietnam. My main issue with them being combined is how two people can use them both at once, although clearly the barbell from the squat rack can be moved, it seems an odd way to do it. Perhaps I’m missing something crucial!


The cardio section of the gym has around ten treadmills, none of which were in use when I went and five crosstrainers, four of which were in use, curiously. Not the typical usage proportions of equipment in a gym, but maybe they knew something I didn’t! All equipment appeared semi-modern and in good condition. You’ll also find five Spin bikes and three vibrating machines which seem to be popular here.

Functional Training

Next to the cardio equipment, you’ll find a small amount of functional equipment, namely a Swiss ball, abs rollers and a few yoga mats. Although there’s not much a dedicated area, there is sufficient floor space in which to use it.

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Not bad for 50k, although not quite as cheap as Can Tho for gyms! Rosy Spa Gym is a well-equipped medium-sized gym with semi-modern equipment. Staff were friendly and equipment works. Take your own towel.

This place also offers massage, which is handy if you fancy treating yourself after your workout. The showers here looked reasonable so you could shower off in between.

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Rosy Spa Gym, Dalat

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