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gyms in Dalat

Gyms in Dalat

Hey and welcome to my page on Gyms in Dalat. I hope you’re enjoying this temperate city, so very different to the rest of Vietnam. Along with the cooler temperatures, you’ll find plenty of fun outdoor activities to do here from mountain biking to hikes up the nearby Lang Biang. I did it twice – once to the tourist top and once to the real top – both are well worth a little exertion for the stunning views, sense of achievement and somewhat gimmicky attractions on the tourist top! It’s not only the summits that make this hike though, it’s the route on the way, past horses and through stunning forests.

When I wasn’t hiking and biking my way around the countryside, I was checking out the local gym offerings. I’ll list each below in descending price order. Please click on individual links for a full review, or see summaries below (which I’ll be filling in shortly). Thanks and enjoy your time!

Note that gyms in Dalat don’t come with aircon as standard – you’re no longer in tropical heat at this altitude so it’s not quite as fundamental as it would be in Ho Chi Minh, for example! You might also notice you don’t seem as fit as you’d like up here – don’t panic, there is a little less oxygen at 1500m and it can be noticeable upon exertion.

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1. HT Beauty – Dalat Fitness & Spa – VND 200k per day

HT Beauty Dalat FitnessThis beautiful facility had just opened when I went in June 2019. The medium sized gym at HT Beauty is very well equipped with dumbbells up to 40kg and other free weights and resistance machines. You’ll find an excellent functional training area with a rig, as well as a fair range of cardio equipment. They’ve also got a lovely studio with several Yoga and Zumba classes. Its central location near the market is pretty good too!


2. Gym Tai Nguyen Fitness and Yoga 1 – VND 50k per day

Gym Tai Nyugen 1You’ll find this gym half a kilometre west of the lake. This large, semi-modern facility is split over two floors and is a great all round gym, catering well for weight-trainers and offering a new-looking functional training area. The cardio equipment looked in good condition too, with all the essentials. Bear in mind that this club is part of a chain. It has two other central clubs (Tai Nguyen 2 in the centre, which I didn’t visit, and Tai Nguyen 3, below). Although I didn’t go to 2, I’d anticipate the chain aims to offer similar facilities so you might want to check these out – let me know!


3. Gym Tai Nguyen Fitness and Yoga 3 – VND 100k per day

Gym Tai Nguyen DalatYou’ll find this gym further north, level with the top of the golf course, and very close to it. It’s larger than HT Beauty, also very modern and split over two floors. It caters very well for weight trainers, including some plate-loadable equipment and has a good functional training area too. If you want to do cardio you’re limited to treadmills and bikes, but you’ll find plenty of each.


4. Anh Thu Gym Club – VND 50k per day

Anh Thu Gym DalatAnh Thu Gym is located close to HT Beauty, just slightly further away from the central market. Whilst it’s not quite as pristine as the previous two gyms, it does have three floors, with the top one acting as a modern studio and well-equipped functional training area when the studio is not in use. The bottom two floors have more mainstream gym equipment, similar to the above gyms. The general theme in Dalat seems to be weights and functional first, cardio second, with a limited variety of cardio machines on offer. You’ll find treadmills, bikes and crosstrainers at least and dumbbells go up to a generous 47.5kg!

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5. Rosy Spa Gym – VND 50k per day

Rosy Spa Gym DalatRosy Spa Gym is even further north of the centre than Gym Tai Nguyen, around 500m further up than the top of the golf course. It’s connected to a fancy-looking spa which might be a nice way to wind down after the workout. This medium-sized facility caters similarly well for weight-trainers and cardio enthusiasts as the above gyms, but less so for functional training; this area is smaller. Overall equipment is semi-modern and in good condition.

6. Khanh Gym Dalat III – VND 25k per day

Khanh Gym DalatKhanh Gym is also north of the central market, around 500m west of the top of the golf course. It’s the cheapest gym I found, but also the smallest and felt somewhat cluttered, certainly compared to all the above which were pretty spacious and modern in comparison. I’ve been in much worse gyms than this though and it’s a bargain for the price. In terms of equipment, it has a similar range of cardio and weights machines as the other gyms (just less of them and less modern). It even has a small functional area, though with less gym toys than the other places.

Which Gym in Dalat Should I Pick?

Well, it all depends on whereabouts you’re staying, your budget and workout preferences, along with whatever other factors are important to you. The gyms are split in their locations, with roughly two being central and three further north, so you have a choice of budget for each. If I was staying centrally on a budget, I’d have no qualms about saving some money and using Anh Thu gym – it’s got it all for 50k and it’s a long way off ‘roughing it’. If you spent the extra money though, you’d certainly feel the difference in terms of how modern the equipment and decor are at either Tai Nguyen (clubs 1 and 2 are more central) or brand new HT Beauty Dalat Fitness.

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For real money-savers, go for Khanh Gym, unless your focus is functional training and you would like a choice of gym toys. As it’s not a a huge gym, whatever you’re doing, try to train off peak to avoid too many people competing for equipment.

If you need space and functional equipment though, I’d recommend paying 50k or more to use Anh Thu, or indeed any other option besides Rosy Spa Gym.

Navigating Around Dalat

You might have noticed that it takes longer to walk between places in Dalat than you might anticipate, due to the nature of the windy roads here and the fact that it’s rather hilly! See it as an extended warm up. If you haven’t already got the Grab app, bear in mind you can take Grab bikes around town for less than US$1 for short journeys! It’s very tempting and I gave in myself once or twice to get to Big C from my more northern accommodation!

Where to Stay in Dalat

I stayed in three different places here and I loved them all for different reasons:

  1. Alan Hostel was run by a really friendly guy and it was easy to get talking to other travellers here in the large spacious dorm and over breakfast. The location was ideal – between all the gyms and close enough to the golf course to run around it and the lake. It was also very cheap! However I didn’t sleep that well between people and traffic noise, so after three nights, I moved onto my next choice…
  2. Wolfpack Hostel was less convenient for the centre, but I slept much better here as my dorm was at the back of the building. I think it was even cheaper than Alan Hostel too and you’ll get a good choice of breakfasts. I think I stayed here a week!
  3. I ended my stay in Dalat at Maxim Hotel, a really nice budget hotel where I treated myself to a single room. It didn’t even feel like a budget hotel, it felt like luxury! No breakfast here though sadly.

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Summary of Gyms in Dalat

I hope this info proves useful and helps you to make a decision. If so I hope you’ll consider supporting me in my gym research and further travel ventures so that I can continue my lifestyle for as long as possible, keeping fit and reporting on gyms worldwide! If so, it would absolutely make my day if you’d buy me a coffee or make a small donation to show your appreciation – see links below and it is quick and easy.

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Thanks for reading and enjoy your travels, gym bunnies!

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