Gym Tai Nguyen Dalat 1

Gym Tai Nyugen 1

Gym Tai Nguyen Dalat 1

Số 8 Nguyễn Văn Cừ, Phường 1, Thành Phố Đà Lạt


Opening Hours: 5:00 – 21:00, 7 days a week

Cost: 50k per day, 400k per month, or 1.2m for 3 months.

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Gym Tai Nguyen 1 is located 500m directly west of the lake. It’s around 7 minutes from the most westerly point on the lake, close to the city centre. I found it easily as it’s clearly marked and correctly marked on Google.


This large Dalat gym is split over two floors. The equipment is middle aged, with some things looking older than others. It’s clearly had some recent investment into the functional training area though – Some looks pretty new and overall the gym is attractive and spacious. It’s fair to say the ground floor is the more attractive/modern of the two, but both are equally spacious.

Overall it’s a good all-round facility, catering for cardio enthusiasts, weight trainers and functional trainers. You’ll find a dedicated floor space area on each floor too.

As for the rest, everything looks well looked after, except perhaps for the carpet, in places. The bathrooms are pretty nice too! You’ll find some smallish lockers upstairs – take a padlock as I’m not sure if reception provide keys.

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The weights are spread over both floors, with most of the equipment upstairs. You’ll find plate-loadable equipment and some pull up bars up here, and a handful of resistance machines downstairs too.

Ground Floor

Downstairs hosts a wide set of cable crossovers, several cables on each end for lat pulldowns and row. You’ll also find an assisted pull ups machine. (Good luck adjusting the pin, I couldn’t get it back in!). Further plate-loadable machines can be found down here, including an inclined leg press and a multistation squat + Smith + pull up bars all-in-one apparatus.

You’ll find dumbbells up to 40kg and barbells up to 50kg. The latter are a mixture of straight and curled, neatly racked. The dumbbells were mostly neatly racked, but with lots of gaps, and in no  particular order! The gaps weren’t too much of a problem though as the dumbbells are duplicated.

Additionally at the back of the room, you’ll find yet another set up of lighter weight dumbbells up to 25kg. These are less neatly racked, mainly as the rack is not big enough! But they are clearly labelled and easy enough to find.

Gym Tai Nguyen 1 have provided a good number of bench-presses here – namely three flat and one inclined in the main area. At the back of the room, you’ll find another inclined bench and one declined for pressing.


Upstairs at Gym Tai Nguyen 1, you’ll find an additonal lat pulldown and row, hip extension benches and quite a lot of plate-loadable equipment, including a preacher curl. They’ve provided additonal pull-up bars here too.

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Functional Training

Ground Floor

This area takes centre stage on the ground floor and is more modern than the rest of the gym. You’ll find a lengthy astro-turf strip and adjacent lane for for those walking lunges we all love!

Equipment includes three BOSUs, an overhead rig with a couple of TRXs, a large tyre, battle ropes, two lightweight medicine balls (2, 3 and 4kg), foam rollers, light-mid weight kettlebells and Swiss balls.

Boxing enthusiasts might enjoy the hanging punchbag and pads provided. I couldn’t see gloves though.


Upstairs has a large dedicated floor space area than downstairs and it’s squarer! This area is less modern than downstairs, but feels less exposed. Plenty of locals were having using it for a bit of chin-wag and on their mobiles!

The equipment up here includes mats, a Swiss ball, BOSUs, and a couple of step boards and risers.


Gym Tai Nguyen 1 has a good number of cardio machines, although its range is limited. The bulk of them are downstairs, facing out towards the street. I found ten treadmills, three cross trainers and four vibration machines. (I know they’re not exactly cardio, but I’m not too sure how to categorise these things!)

Head on upstairs for four more Spin bikes, three more cross-trainers and three more crosstrainers.

Summary of Gym Tai Nguyen 1

This Dalat gym is very reasonably priced at 50k per visit. Size, range and (fair) quality of equipment make it a bargain. I didn’t see aircon, but bear in mind you are in Dalat so the temperature is not tropical. The gym seemed cooler than the airconditioned gyms I went to in Ho Chi Minh!

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Gym Tai Nguyen Dalat 1

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