Elite Fitness Danang / Elite Fitness Vinh Trung

Elite Fitness Danang

Elite Fitness Danang / Elite Fitness Vĩnh Trung

Tầng 7&8 Vĩnh Trung Plaza B, 255-257 Hùng Vương, Quận Thanh Khê, TP.Đà Nẵng, Thanh Khê, Đà Nẵng 550000


Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 6:00 – 22:00, Sat – Sun: 7:00 – 20:00

Cost: 600k per day. Otherwise only contracts of 6 months or longer are available.

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Location and Entry

Elite Fitness Danang is centrally located in Danang, next to the Big C complex. And when I say complex, that’s how I’d describe finding it. It took me about 7 minutes from entering the mall to locating it, which I did by asking numerous people directions to the gym, whilst making vivid shoulder-press gestures.

After being told it was on floor 4, I headed there, despite signs only referencing the cinema. Naturally cinema staff looked a bit baffled that I had come there for a workout and directed me across an internal bridge to a separate building. Once there and still seeing no sign of a gym, I asked again and was told to go down to the ground floor and take the lift opposite up to floor seven. Seven? I didn’t think there were more than four floors here! But sure enough, I exited the lift to see another straight in front of me with Elite Fitness signs on it  – bingo!

Here’s my advice on locating the gym in the simplest way. Once you have found Big C, do NOT enter here. Instead, turn left (if you are approaching from the centre ie south) and then take the next right, which is not a normal road but a large paved area between the Big C building and another building. You’ll see the bridge I crossed between the two buildings ahead of you. Near the bridge, enter the building on the left which is called Parkson. Straight in front of you, you’ll see some lifts. Take the set on the right (labelled Elite Fitness!) up to the 7th floor. Bingo, you made it!


This large gym hosts top of the range, world-class facilities. Elite Fitness Danang is broadly split into cardio, weights and functional training, with a large area for each. You’ll be given two free towels upon entry; one small one for your workout and a large one for the shower. There are also free water refill stations around the gym.

The club is a perfect temperature with aircon running throughout.

You’ll see a couple of large top quality studios here too and the whole place is extremely clean and modern. You’ll receive an electronic locker key upon arrival with your towels, and the shower and toilet facilities are also in pristine condition. I enjoyed a nice hot, clean shower after my workout – enjoy!


TRX Training TRX Training


The weights area of the gym is extensive and I particularly liked how the range of weights ascended in small increments. Dumbbell freeweights went up to 42kg in 2kg increments, whilst barbells went up from 10-42kg, also in 2kg increments. There is a full range of lightweight dumbbells too, and you’ll also see some adjustable barbells.

Also in the weights area, you’ll find a lat pulldown and assisted pull-ups machine,  along with three bench press stations. There’s a Smith machine, squat machine and cable crossovers with all the usual cable related stations attached. You’ll find both an inclined and flat leg press too.

In term of loadable resistance equipment, there’s an inclined chest press, row, preacher curls and shoulder press.

For the standard resistance machines, you’ll need to head over to the cardio area. Behind the cardio machines you’ll find a long row of  standard pin-operated resistance equipment, for both upper and lower body.


The club has a large number and variety of top of the range modern cardio machines. These include around 15 treadmills, 10 crosstrainers, 2 recumbent and 2 upright bikes, 2 stairclimbers and a rower. This is the best range and quality of cardio equipment I have seen in a gym for some time.

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Functional Training

You won’t be disappointed with the functional training area here at Elite Fitness Danang! The floor space area is vast and you’re spoilt for choice of gym toys. Equipment includes BOSUs, a punch bag, plyoboxes, medicine balls up to 15kg, TRX’s, Swiss balls and ViPRs.

That’s just for starters – you’ll also find kettlebells up to 45lbs (note the non metric measurement of the kettlebells), power balls, mini hurdles, resistance bands, skipping ropes, battleropes, a full rig and a strip of Astroturf. There’s also a significant pile of thin but good quality mats to help yourself to.

Into boxing? There’s also a boxing ring here, fully equipped with gloves and pads, in addition to two punch bags next to it AND the one mentioned earlier down the other end of the functional training area.


I came across a total of 4 studios in this beautiful club. The two class timetables were displayed at reception and on a computer screen elsewhere in the club. The general timetable includes Body Pump, Combat, Cycling, HIIT Cycle, Zumba, Core Fit, Bums and Tums and 20:20:20, which is usually a mixture of cardio, strength training and core/stretching.

The yoga classes cater for a variety of levels and different styles are offered. Classes include Ashtanga Yoga, Air Yoga, Hip Opening, Twist and Back and Asana Prana Alignment.


Elite by name and nature, this club is truly superb. However at 600k dong per day, it won’t suit everyone’s budget! Can’t  fault it otherwise though. It’s super-clean, extremely modern, large and spacious and perfectly air-conditioned. The gym was pretty quiet both times I trained, which was mid morning on a Friday and Sunday. I find it hard to imagine it would be cluttered any time due to its vast space.

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Elite Fitness Danang / Elite Fitness Vinh Trung

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