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My An Sport Center, Danang

My An Sport Center

My An Sport Center, Danang

An Thuong 9 Street, My An, Da Nang


Opening Hours: 5:00 – 20:30, Sunday: 6:00 – 18:00

Cost: 80k dong per day for gym only or 100k dong per day for everything (including the very nice pool).


My An Sport Center is well located in the centre of the My An Beach area within Danang. Note, this is a couple of kilometres southeast of the city centre and a lovely area to stay if you want to avoid all the traffic and other commotion that comes with Vietnamese city centres! It wasn’t immediately obvious to me on which street I’d find the entrance to the gym by looking at Google maps – it’s street number 9, on the west side of the square that surrounds it. Once you’re there it’s unmissable; a big entrance with a large 25m pool visible from the street – I had a lovely swim here after my gym workout.


My An Sport Center stood out to me as one of the better clubs around My An Beach during my initial research and I wasn’t disapppointed! The facilities were modern, the gym was fully air-conditioned, and, although I don’t usually swim, the pool was irresistibly appealing. The friendly receptionist gave me a towel upon entering and directed me up to the changing rooms on the third floor. These were pretty luxurious, although the lockers were fairly small. (Think 1 cubic foot). You’ll find keys in the available lockers.

The gym is located on the second floor and is divided into free weights on one side and cardio and resistance equipment on the other, along with a small floor area.

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Dumbbell freeweights go up to 40kg, in 2.5kg increments. There are a few fixed weight barbells available in both straight and curled format. These are 10, 15, 20 and 25kg, ie 4 of each.

You’ll also find 2 squat racks (no Smith), an inclined leg press and some benches for freeweights work.  You’ll also see a hip extension bench and 3 bench press stations – inclined, declined and flat.

There are 2 sets of pull up bars, one of which is part of a narrow cable station. You’ll also find a lat pulldown here.

Disc-loadable resistance machines consist of a shoulder press and chest press.

Normal resistance machines include a pec deck, leg extension, leg curl, abductor and adductor machine, row and shoulder press.


The cardio equipment here looks modern, clean and good condition. Best of all, you can use it in a well-airconditioned environment and gaze out of the window between checking your stats. You’ll find around five treadmills, one crosstrainer and two Spin bikes in the vicinity.


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Functional Training

My An Sport Center has some astroturfed areas, including a straight layer all down the length of the room – ideal for those walking lunges you’ll be dying to do. There are some good quality mats here too, along with a small range of functional training toys. These include a Swiss ball, abs roller, bars for doing press-ups without extending your wrists and a good range of lightweight kettlebells. These go up to around 10kg. At the other end of the gym near the freeweights, you’ll find a foam roller to help ease those tight muscles.


The pool is a 25m long outdoor pool with a few lanes sectioned off, one of which I took and had to myself on a Tuesday lunchtime. Half the pool is not divided into lanes so you can also do your own thing. The pool was pretty wide too (I’d guess at least 10m), so it was awesome to share it with only 4 other people and have a lane to myself. Take sunscreen if you plan to be in it long though – there’s no shelter from the sun here.


My An Sport Center is a very attractive well-kept club in the centre of the My An beach area. Although the gym is not the biggest in Danang it has all the necessary equipment. A big plus point is the aircon, and in a city which is often not far below 40 degrees, there’s a lot to be said for this! I really enjoyed my workout here and will happily return here. Note that using the gym alone was 80k, but for an extra 20k you can also enjoy the pool, which was a truly lovely end to my workout. Knocking out 40 laps after an upper body session made my day!

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My An Sport Center, Danang

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