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MMA Fighter Gym, Danang

MMA Fighter Gym Danang

MMA Fighter Gym Danang 

Please note, this gym has moved and I have updated the article – see MMA Gym Danang!

35 Thái Phiên, Phước Ninh, Hải Châu, Danang


Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 5:00 – 20:30, Sun: 8:00 – 18:00

Cost: 100k dong per day or 1 million per month


MMA Fighter Gym Danang is ideally located right in the city centre, a few hundred metres northwest of Dragon’s Bridge. The gym is clearly labelled from the street, but upon entering you’ll need to go up two floors to the gym. Don’t just walk to the back of the building like I did – you’ll end up in a motorbike carpark!


As its name suggests, MMA Fighter Gym has something of a focus on boxing, given away by the boxing ring in the middle of the huge open plan room and the surrounding floor area with numerous boxing bags. This large gym looks fairly modern, attractive and in good condition. The temperature was pretty comfortable although could have been a little cooler. You’ll see fans and a couple of aircon units in operation.

For once I used the showers at the gym, due to arriving here in Danang on a night bus and not being able to check into accommodation yet. I struggled to get hot water but hey, it was room temperature and Danang is pretty hot anyway so it wasn’t an big issue. The facilities were very clean and reception provided a key for a (fairly small) locker. I used it for valuables and gave my bigger bag to reception to look after. The changing rooms are not huge though so if they’re busy you might be better off washing elsewhere! When I trained at 10am on a Wednesday morning there were about ten other people there, which was no problem at all, given the size of the place.

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The weights are all neatly arranged in their racks and dumbbells go up to 30kg, whilst barbells go from 10 – 30kg, with a full set of both straight and curled in 5kg increments. You’ll also find various adjustable barbells in varying shapes and sizes.

You’ll find a fair range of both loadable and normal resistance machines. The loadable ones include a shoulder press, flat bench press, inclined bench press, declined bench press, squat machine, lat pulldown and row. The others consist of a leg extension and leg curl, along with a 4-cable station for pulldown and rows.

You’ll also see a Smith machine, hip extension bench, preacher curl station and inclined abs bench.

Functional Training

As you’d imagine there’s a huge amount of floorspace in a boxing gym, not only in the ring but surrounding it. Apart from boxing gloves, pads and punch bags, you’ll see an excellent range of functional training equipment such as a set of kettlebells up to 20kg, a BOSU, a , a step board and a full rig. This includes pull up bars with narrow cables, a TRX, trampet, medicine balls up to 5kg and skipping ropes.

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Cardio equipment here is limited to treadmills and Spin bikes and you’ll find 4 of each. All cardio equipment looked modern and in great condition.


MMA Fighter Gym is an excellent gym for a fair price. Although it focuses on boxing, most regular weight-trainers will still find plenty here to have a good workout with. Although there is a limited range of cardio equipment, there is a huge amount of floor space in which you can do your own thing. All in all, this place offers a good balance – great location and facilities for a reasonable price. I’d go again.

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TRX Training

TRX Training

Please note, this gym has moved and I have updated the article – see MMA Gym Danang!

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MMA Fighter Gym, Danang

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