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CLB Thể Dục Thể Hình Star Gym Fitness, Danang

Star Gym Fitness

CLB Thể Dục Thể Hình Star Gym Fitness, Danang

87 Lê Văn Hưu, Bắc Mỹ An, Ngũ Hành Sơn, Danang


Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 5:00 – 11:00 and 1400 – 20:00, Sunday: closed

Cost: 20k dong per visit – woohoo!


CLB Star Gym Fitness is located 20 minutes walk southwest of the My An Beach part of Danang. As I was staying at Traveller’s Nest (an excellent hostel), this was an ideal location for me, although it might not be for everyone! It is correctly located on Google Maps and the entrance is very obvious from the outside.


This medium-sized gym is divided into 3 rooms, over 2 floors. Broadly, the main room on the ground floor has most of the freeweights and benches, whilst the second room contains resistance equipment. Upstairs you’ll find some cardio equipment, floorspace and some functional training equipment.

There is no aircon here but you’ll find a few fans in operation. Whilst the equipment is not exactly top of the range modern stuff, it’s far from dated either and the gym floor is all in great condition and tidy.


The main room on the ground floor hosts dumbbells up to 35kg, cable crossovers and pull up bars, three bench press stations (flat, inclined, declined), a 2 in 1 Smith and squat machine, inclined leg press and a preacher curl station.

The second room contains various disc-loadable resistance machines as well as pin-operated ones. You’ll find a loadable chest press, shoulder press and row, along with standard resistance equipment such a leg extension, leg curl, pec fly/rear delt and two lat pulldowns.


TRX Training TRX Training


Upstairs you’ll find three treadmills and two Spin bikes – that’s your lot for cardio.

Functional Training

There is a fair amount of floor space upstairs and some mats. Whilst the room isn’t especially long, you’ll be able to knock out burpees or find space for other stationary floor work. Gym toys include two kettlebells of 4kg and 8kg respectively and some press up bars. There’s also an adjustable barbell here.


At 20k dong per workout, CLB Star Gym Fitness is the cheapest gym I’ve found around Danang. Whilst its location might not be convenient for everyone, it is super value for money. Equipment is in good working order and semi-modern. As budget gyms go, in terms of decor it certainly beats the nearby budget gym Bina Gym and Fitness in my opinion, although Bina is bigger and set over one floor. Whilst lacking in a variety of cardio equipment, I consider the weights section to be adequate for most people.

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CLB Thể Dục Thể Hình Star Gym Fitness, Danang

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