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Bina Gym and Fitness, Danang

Bina Gym and Fitness

Bina Gym and Fitness, Danang

Unnamed Road, just off My Da Dong 12. (correctly located on Google maps currently)


Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 5:00 – 11:30am and 13:30 – 20:00, Sunday: closed

Cost: 30k dong per day, 90k per week, 230k per month.


Bina Gym and Fitness is located slightly south of the centre of the My An Beach area of Danang, very close by. Although I couldn’t see a street name, it is correctly positioned on Google maps as I write this. I arrived early one Friday morning, but there didn’t appear to be any staff working there! So although I waved some dong at others in the gym, no-one came to take my money – thanks for the freebie guys!


This is very much a budget gym, as you’d expect from the bargain price. Aircon? No chance at that price. But this medium-sized gym is well-equipped and a couple of fans have been thrown in for good measure. The equipment is quite dated, but most of it worked; after all, weights are weights.

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I found a good range of dumbbell freeweights, some of which are racked, but many untidily stored on the floor. I’d love to be more precise about the range, but they were annoyingly unlabelled so it’s question of picking them up and seeing how strong you’re feeling! You’ll also find a few adjustable barbells in different shapes.

The weights section also offers a 2 in 1 Smith machine / squat rack along with cable crossovers and pull up bars. You’ll also find a lat pulldown and several loadable resistance machines. These include a shoulder press and row. I also saw an inclined leg press, pec deck, shoulder press, leg extension and leg curl.

What really struck me here was the number of bench press stations, I believe I counted around six! Inclined, declined and flat.

Additionally you’ll find a couple of inclined abs benches and a hip extension machine – yes it even adjusts!


You’ll find two treadmills, a crosstrainer and two Spin bikes here. I found all to be well-located near the entrance so despite the absence of aircon, you’ll get fresh air as the gym is open at the front.

Functional Training

I walked up the stairs at the back in the hope of finding some floor space and mats. However the small room upstairs appeared to be filled with non-gym equipment so I made a hasty retreat. Unfortunately I didn’t find any mats or other gym toys here which was a little disappointing.

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As the closest gym to my accommodation, I found it to be great value at 30k per workout. Additionally, I was aware in advance that there would be no aircon and planned my workout time according – 730am straight after waking.

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Bina Gym and Fitness, Danang

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