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HD Fitness Center Danang

HD Fitness Center Danang

HD Fitness Center Danang

996 Ngô Quyền, An Hải Bắc, Sơn Trà, Danang



Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 5:00 – 21:30, Sun: 9:00 – 17:00

Cost: 100k per day


HD Fitness Center is located in An Hai Bac, directly east of the centre of Danang over the bridge. It is easily accessible as it’s on the main road, and makes for an a convenient Grab bike ride from pretty much anywhere around!


HD Fitness Center is a large gym split over around 5 floors. I’ll call the ground floor number 1 (since I’m a Brit who’s got used to US floor numbering systems now!). So, broadly speaking, the first floor is predominantly cardio and the 2nd floor has mostly resistance equipment. On floor 3 you’ll find mainly freeweights whilst the 4th floor has a large functional training area. Last but not least, the 5th floor has a large studio.

The club is attractive, in good condition and partially airconditioned. Whilst the 2nd floor is a great temperature with aircon units in place, the third floor for example currently has none and was somewhat hot. However, fans were in operation and the door to the balcony was open at least. The 4th floor had aircon again though so perhaps some units were out of action.

You’ll be given a small towel upon entry; take your own water though as I couldn’t see free refills anywhere.

I showered at the club and although I could only see one toilet in the Ladies, it had toilet paper, and there were 3 showers with hot water.

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You’ll find the cardio equipment on the ground (first) floor. This consists of 5 treadmills, 6 crosstrainers, 2 stairclimbers and 2 upright bikes. There are also a couple of inclined leg presses here.


The weights area is split over floors 2 and 3. Floor 2 was well air-conditioned and housed most of the resistance equipment. This includes a good range of leg machines and a resisted abs crunch and inclined sit-ups benches. You’ll also find two Smith machines here along with hip extension bench and and various bench press stations. There are also six treadmills on this floor.

Floor 3 hosts most of the club’s freeweights, including dumbbells up to 50kg – higher than most gyms I’ve found here, so great for you strong lifters. You’ll also find disc-loadable resistance machines such a row, low row, shoulder press and chest press. I found a number of bench press stations (incline, decline and flat), along with some pull up bars and narrow set cables.

Functional Training

Escape from the heat of floor 3 and welcome to floor 4. You’ll be greeted by a good stretch of astroturf and welcome aircon. This floor is extremely well equipped with a an excellent range of equipment and a good amount of floor space in which you can get on with your workout.

Here you’ll find a rowing machine, squat rack, full rig with TRXs, battle ropes, a BOSU, Swiss balls and mats. Additionally you’ll see kettlebells up to 24kg, medicine balls up to 9kg and power bags up to 15kg.

There are also a few other helpful duplicates of popular machines on this floor – these include a Spin bike, lat pulldown and some pull up bars.

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Studio – Floor 5!

Yep, you’ve made it to the top. Nothing else useful above here. I did look but it seemed to lead to a roof and I could only see and hear construction workers up there. The fifth floor is home to a fairly large and very attractive studio. When I went to check it out, it was empty but yoga mats were laid in readiness for the next class.

The classes have a emphasis on yoga; I found around 9 types listed on the timetable! These are Hatha, Power, Ball, Basic, Stretching, Flow, Wheel, Core and Twisting. Yep, if you like yoga I get the impression you’ll feel at home here! Additionally they offer Zumba, Hip Opening, Body Fit and Sun Series. I also found a class called Vinyasa – isn’t this yoga too? Enjoy!


Overall I thought HD Fitness was an excellent club, although I’d have welcomed aircon on all floors! At 100k per workout it’s one of the pricier gyms here (although cheap by Western standards!) and may well be a viable option if you’re staying near it. The whole club was of a good standard, staff were friendly and there seemed to be one on most floors. I especially liked the range of functional training equipment and surrounding floor area. The showers were also pleasant.

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