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Siam River Resort Chaiyaphum

Siam River Resort Chaiyaphum

Nai Mueang, Mueang Chaiyaphum District, Chaiyaphum 36000

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Cost: 100 baht, which includes the pool too.



This small gym is part of a very attractive and luxurious looking resort, just to the East of the city centre, 2km from the nightmarket.


The gym at Siam River Resort is below the standard of the rest of this lovely resort, which was beautifully quiet when I went (despite being in close proximity to the town centre) and beautiful generally. But I won’t mince my words – don’t come here solely to use the gym. It’s more expensive than the ones in town that I’ve visited, and yet significantly smaller and with older facilities. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Chaiyaphum and want the ease of working out in your hotel then read on. If you’re only after a gym, see my review of TG Fitness – several times the size and much cheaper!


The gym offers freeweight dumbbells from 1kg up to 10kg. When I went, the 2kg ones were missing. That’s your lot for dumbbells. There is also an adjustable curled barbell at the preacher curl station. And that’s your lots for free weights!

You’ll find a multipurpose resistance machine which incorporates a lat pull down, pec deck and leg extensions in one. There is also an inclined abs bench, along with a normal flat bench for freeweight work.

Resistance Loops
Resistance Loops


Moving onto cardio machines, which as a general rule, don’t stand the test of time quite as well as the (probably several decades old ) freeweights – I had a bit of trouble working out what some of them were as I think a couple might pre-date me, but I was able to identify a crosstrainer, a stepper, upright bike and two treadmills. The treadmills were left upright and appeared to have been collecting dust. If you’re committed, you’ll probably find something will work sufficiently well that you can burn some calories…

The best part…

BUT, now would be a good time to draw your attention to the extremely attractive and clean (looked it anyway!) swimming pool just outside. Thailand is of course typically hot, so why sweat it out on an old machine in a non-airconditioned gym when you can have a refreshing swim in the pool? I’d be guessing the dimensions of it (perhaps 15m long?), but it is certainly big enough for most people to do laps in and in stunning surroundings too.

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All in all, Siam River Resort is a good choice of accommodation for those wanting a workout on their doorstep. Not such a great choice of gym otherwise. But, DO check out the pool if you fancy a change! Check out TG Fitness in Chaiyaphum here for a better equipped option.

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Siam River Resort Chaiyaphum

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