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The Creatives Platform (Wired Creatives) Review – Start A Blog

Wired Creatives Review

The Creatives Platform (Wired Creatives) Review – Start a Blog!

Want to Start Your Own Blog, But Not Sure How?

Check out my course review of The Creatives Platform (Formerly Wired Creatives) here…
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Note: Wired Creatives changed their name to The Creatives Platform at the end of 2020. 

Do you have a story you’d like to tell, or information you’d like to share, but don’t know how to set up a website, let along start a blog? Here I’ll write a full Wired Creatives Review, and explain how the courses I undertook by this open Kiwi couple gave me the confidence to go from knowing nothing relevant, to producing this website!

I put off starting my website for ages because I didn’t know where to begin, or if anyone would read it. And I had no idea if I’d even be able to make a website without any prior knowledge.

The Creatives Platform Review
Want To Write YOUR Own Blog?

And if I did, how would I even start?


I had no relevant background in either the technical side or the marketing side of setting up my own domain. So, it seemed like it would be a lot of work and I kept putting it off, mostly out of fear of failure.

Then one day, this popped up on my newsfeed…

How to Start a Blog for the Price of a Coffee by Wired Creatives.

I read it, intrigued. And learnt that I could physically acquire the fundamentals of a website in just a few minutes, thanks to this couple’s simple step by step instructions.

Reading about other “normal” people who had quit their day jobs and traded in a reliable income for travelling full-time fascinated me. I learnt how they funded their lifestyle online through writing what they were passionate about, and found it inspirational. And if they could do it, I decided, so could I.

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But reading about it was just the start, and if I was going to do this, I knew I’d struggle to actually develop a website without a lot of help. I didn’t want to pay someone to create it and update it every time I had a new idea. Nor did I want to spend that time explaining to someone else what I wanted. It was time to learn this for myself.

So, What Next?

After reading How to Start a Blog for the Price of a Coffee, I looked into their The Creatives Platform courses further to see if they were suitable for me – I needed something designed for beginners with no prior knowledge, if I was going to get this show on the road.

By now, I’d already been travelling for nearly a year and was loving it! I couldn’t imagine ever going back to live in the UK again, working a 9-5. I loved the idea of being location independent and working remotely on the things I’m passionate aboutGyms and Fitness. Oh and following the sunshine around the world! 🙂 The thought of that gave me the determination I needed to make this happen.

I’d been thinking about this long enough. If I was going to do this, it was now or never.

Time to Take The Plunge!

So I did and I haven’t looked back. And if you have a passion you want to share, you can too!

Wired Creatives
Want To Write YOUR Own Blog?

The tutorials include starting from scratch with WordPress – the program you’ll be using for your website. You’ll learn how to make your website look how you want it to and how to add written content, menus, images, etc. Later, you’ll also learn about hashtags, analysing your website’s stats and building email lists.

In fact there’s an entire section on WordPress Walkthroughs!
Here’s a screenshot of just a few of the topics they cover, split into clear concise tutorials.

Screenshot of WP tutorial topics

Each lesson is shown in video, mp3 and transcript form, to suit your preference.

And on the Marketing side, there’s plenty of material about establishing your brand, ranking on Google, advertising on Facebook etc – all the things you need to know to make this work.


If you ever feel alone or confused in your venture (common, especially at first!), the (members only) Facebook group has provided me with invaluable support. It’s helped to keep me motivated by interacting with others doing the same thing, and providing somewhere to ask for help if I’m stuck on something or want advice. That’s what has prompted me to write this Review of The Creatives Platform – I was hugely surprised at how useful this course became to me, in conjunction with the support I received through their community page.

So what are you waiting for?
Get 70% Off today! Simple type in “CREATE” at the checkout. Instead of paying $97 per month, you’ll get the discounted price of $29.

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Pay for the whole year to get 2 months free! Yep, it’s $290 instead of $970.

Check out my Gym Blog here.

The Creatives Platform (Wired Creatives) Course Review Summary

I hope this Creatives Platform course review helps inform you about the courses The Creatives Platform offers and what you’ll learn and how. For me, the support provided by the Facebook group as a whole was invaluable. Living and working remotely on a project I wasn’t initially confident about certainly has its ups and downs. By connecting with others in similar situations, I was able to keep focussed and not give up when challenges presented and continue to present. Thanks to all at The Creatives Platform!

Your money-saving coupon code again: type “CREATE” at the checkout.


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The Creatives Platform (Wired Creatives) Review – Start A Blog

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