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Body Fit Gym Korat

Body Fit Gym Korat

Body Fit Gym Korat

Jomsurangyard Road, Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat)


Opening times: Mon-Sat: 830 – 2030. Sun: closed – unusually for Thailand!

Cost: 150 baht per day.


Body Fit Gym, Korat is conveniently located in the centre of Nakhon Ratchasima, which is known, quite understandably, as Korat or Khorat for short. I came across it quite by accident since it does not feature on Google Maps at the time of writing. It’s a shame it was a Sunday when I first found it, as it was shut! It is located very close to Klang Plaza, on the opposite side of the road, nearly directly opposite the post office which is next to Klang Plaza. (Beware, there is more than one post office in the city.)


The gym is small and at a glance, a little pricy for its facilities – I’ve paid half this for medium sized well-equipped gyms in Thailand. However the price is the same if you want to do a class, which would make it much more reasonable.

The gym focuses on functional training equipment, of which there is an extensive range and plenty of floor space in which to use it. Gym toys include a range of medicine balls, kettlebells, boxing gloves and pads, a boxing bag, TRXes, step boards, BOSUs, a range of power bags and mats.

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There is a rack of dumbbell freeweights, although these were in the lightweight range – up to 10kg. You’ll also find a multi-station which has pull up bars and cables, and numerous different attachments for the cables. There is also an adjustable squat rack which can double up as a bench press. The gym also has a multifunctional piece of resistance equipment which allows you to do various lower and upper body exercises incl leg extensions and chest pressing.

Cardio equipment consisted of one treadmill and one crosstrainer. I was informed there is also an exercise bike upstairs. (I didn’t go up though, the stairs were dark and looked as if it was out of bounds!)


The classes include CrossFit, Ashtanga Yoga, BodyFit, FitBall, Spinning Bike, Muay Thai and TRX. There are currently 29 classes per week on offer and the studio is at the back of the building, not visible from the entrance. The staff spoke very limited English though, so stick to classes you are familiar with!


If you’re happy to focus on functional training or do a class, Body Fit Gym, Korat is ideal in terms of location and facilities. It might lack sufficient equipment for many people’s “usual” gym workout, but its central location makes it an attractive prospect if you don’t have transport. The facilities are all in good condition.

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Body Fit Gym Korat

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