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Planet Fitness Las Vegas – E Sahara Avenue

Planet Fitness Vegas

Planet Fitness Las Vegas – E Sahara Avenue

1221 E. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89104


The class schedule is available on the link above.

Cost: One free pass per club, every three months – click here.

Location and Entry

There are several Planet Fitness clubs located in and around Vegas, so you’re likely to find one close to where you’re staying. And why not go? I’ve never found it so easy to get into gyms as a non-US-resident – the staff couldn’t be less interested in what you’re doing there. Although the confirmation email states you’ll be required to take a tour of the club and present photo ID (both reasonable requests), I was simply asked to the scan my barcode for my free pass.

No-one has ever tried to run through membership options or ask me anything in any of the clubs I’ve been to – on this occasion, they didn’t even want to see my photo ID when I offered it. I’ve no idea how these guys sell memberships, but the approach works well for me – straight in and on with the workout!

Planet Fitness Sahara Ave is nice and easy to find and correctly located on Google maps.


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This Vegas gym was a typical PF club, from what I’ve seen so far – an excellent range of cardio and resistance equipment, all in good condition. The changing rooms are spacious and the club is generally attractive and clean. You’ll find a 30 minute workout area where you can work your way around a range of resistance equipment and step-board type equipment for a good workout. Great in theory, although I’ve never actually seen anyone using it for that purpose. I suppose it would be rather like a circuit training class without anyone else there, let alone an instructor.

You’ll also see an Abs area, where you’ll again find a lot of resistance equipment including leg/glute machines, along with some benches. The cardio equipment is also extensive and includes a range of bikes, treadmills, arc trainers, ellipticals, steppers, stairclimbers and a couple of rowing machines.


What Planet Fitness Vegas lacks both generally and here is freeweights. Barbells only go up to 60lbs and dumbbells to 75lbs. There are four Smith machines but NO squat racks and no adjustable barbells whatsoever – the chain doesn’t cater for bodybuilders or those lifting heavy. Though you will find a cable-crossover station and assisted pull-ups machine. There are no actual pull-up bars, however the club’s best asset in my opinion is its synergy station. This does include pull up bars (though there’s nothing useful around to stand on if they’re too high for you, but you can sort of use bits jutting out of the sides of the station to get up) and a good range of functional training equipment, eg resistance bands, kettle bells, battle ropes and a TRX.

There are a number of Swiss balls too along with a few mats, and plenty of floorspace to do you own thing.

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Summary of Planet Fitness Las Vegas

Planet Fitness East Sahara Avenue is ideal for those looking to get an easy free workout without going through membership options. If you want heavier weights than 75lbs dumbbells or require free adjustable barbells, you’ll need to go elsewhere.

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Planet Fitness Las Vegas – E Sahara Avenue

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