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Gyms in Burnaby, Vancouver


Gyms in Burnaby

Hey and welcome to my page on Gyms in Burnaby. Please see here an overview of the gyms in Burnaby and more generally, Vancouver, which I have visited.

1. Anytime Fitness Burnaby – $10.50 a day

Anytime Fitness BurnabyThis medium-sized gym is just two minutes walk from Metrotown station. It’s got a great range of everything in terms of cardio, weights and a room dedicated to functional training. Dumbbells go up to 100lbs and barbells up to 110lbs. As expected this Burnaby gym is somewhat cheaper than Robert Lee in downtown Vancouver below.



2. Robert Lee YMCA – $15 a day

Robert Lee YMCA VancouverThis huge gym is subdivided into several rooms, which even at 10am on a weekday were pretty busy. It’s easy to see why with these excellent facilities and at a good price too. You can expect to find everything most people would want for a good workout here, and best of all the dumbbells go up in small (2.5lb) increments, up to the same maximum as Anytime Fitness above.


Additionally I looked at other gyms in Burnaby and discovered GoodLife Fitness below.

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3. GoodLife Fitness Burnaby Sovereign

4501 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 0E5


GoodLife Fitness Burnaby’s drop in rate at this club was $15 at the time of asking. Alternatively GoodLife offer a three day free trial, which you can use over a seven day period. I believe this is only valid once though, so you might struggle to do this all over the country. The club is situated just a block away from Anytime Fitness.

Summary of Gyms in Burnaby

Given the distance between Burnaby and Vancouver, you’ll probably be choosing your location depending on where you are. Unsurprisingly of the gyms I visited, Burnaby is cheaper than downtown Vancouver.  As I only used one gym in each place, I won’t attempt to advise you on gyms I didn’t use, but both the YMCA and Anytime Fitness were excellent well-equipped gyms.

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Gyms in Burnaby, Vancouver

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