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Pemberton Sports Club, WA

Pemberton Fitness Centre

Pemberton Sports Club, WA

Club Road, Pemberton, WA

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Opening Hours:Pemberton Fitness Centre Opening Hours



Cost: $8 per session, $40 per month or $65 per ten visits.




Pemberton Sports Club is located just south of the centre of this small picturesque town. It is aptly located on the left hand side of Club Road (equally aptly, next to Swimming Pool Road!).

Beware, the club and gym keep different hours, with the gym opening during different times to those currently stated on Google. (I believe these hours apply to the club’s bar/restaurant)

I’ve found myself here in between hiking stretches of the Bibbulmun track, a 1000km+ hike in WA.


The first thing to say about this small to medium-sized gym is how quiet it was! When I attended on a weekday between 16:30 and 17:30 there were only three other people training in the gym in total.

The gym is all in one room with fans, although these were certainly not necessary on the cold September afternoon I visited! The club’s facilities are reasonable, and although not the most modern, they are clean and in good condition.

Note, signs on the gym door currently state that showers are not available.

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The club hosts a reasonable range of free weights and resistance machines, although heavy lifters might struggle here – dumbbell freeweights go up to only 20kg. However, there are a couple of adjustable dumbbells here, as well as numerous adjustable barbells.

You’ll find pull up bars (albeit not as sturdy as in modern gyms!), a lat pulldown, bench press rack and preacher curl station for the upper body. I also saw a Smith machine, squat rack, inclined leg press and flat leg press for the lower body.

There is a fairly old-school multi-functional resistance machine, including a leg extension and leg curl, as well as a pec deck and shoulder press.

Functional Equipment

You’ll find an allocated floor space area here with ample mats for functional training. Gym toys include a BOSU, three Swiss balls, five medicine balls from 3 – 7kg and some skipping ropes.

You’ll also see a good range of boxing equipment, including a large punchbag, gloves and pads.

Next to the dumbbells I also found a lone kettlebell, weighing 12kg. There is also a Pilates reformer-style machine.


Although I couldn’t find detailed class information, it appears the club hosts Boxercise classes on Mondays and Fridays at 9am.


As the only gym in Pemberton, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a small town gym. However I was pleasantly surprised at its size and value for money. Given the lack of people in it when I attended, it was easy to get on everything I wanted. However it may be a lot busier in tourist season! The price is acceptable considering the facilities and staff were friendly. Would definitely go back if I find myself here again!

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Pemberton Sports Club, WA

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