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Pro-Fitness Bunbury, WA

Pro-Fitness Bunbury

Pro-Fitness Bunbury, WA

46 Spencer St, Bunbury WA

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Opening Hours: 24 hours for members, or:
Reception Hours: Mon – Thu: 7:00 – 19:00,   Fri: 7:00 – 17:00,   Sat: 7:00 – 12:00

Cost: $10 a session, or $15 a week by direct debit. Staff informed me there is no lock-in period.


Pro-Fitness Bunbury is very well located in the city centre, a couple of hundred metres south of Aldi. It’s impossible to miss the entrance which is on a main street corner. The white building is marked with “Physiotherapy” and “Clinical Pilates”, and you’ll see a black and red sign outside with “Pro-Fitness”.


This medium-sized gym doubles up as a physiotherapy clinic, although you can simply use the gym. The therapists use the gym’s extensive functional training area and equipment to rehabilitate their clients. As well as physio toys, the gym has a lot of mainstream equipment as well. This strikes me as an excellent idea, as physios often recommend exercises to clients as part of treatment, but often with limited facilities to demonstrate how to use it and monitor clients’ technique. Pro-Fitness Bunbury is an ideal environment for this to happen.

The gym is broadly divided into a physio area, including a Pilates section with reformers, a large functional training area, a cardio strip, and separate weights area.


In the weights area at the far end of the gym, you’ll find dumbbell free weights from 1-40kg, cable crossovers with pull up bars and a hip extension bench. You’ll also find a set of pull up bars with narrow cables and an unusual lat pulldown machine! It’s unusual as you have to stand up instead of sit and there are two sets of cables, at least half a metre apart. It’s great for establishing if you favour one arm over the other when you pull down.

In the main gym area, you’ll find a good range of barbells up to 45kg, all of which are straight. You’ll also see a couple of squat racks.

There are limited resistance machines here, namely a leg curl, leg press and an assisted pull ups machine.

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Pro-Fitness hosts a good range of cardio machines, with just a couple of each. I found three treadmills, three upright bikes, two rowers and a crosstrainer. Great choices for a gym of this size!

Functional Training

Perhaps unsurprisingly for a gym linked to physiotherapists, this gym excels at functional training. You’ll find several Pilates reformers here and a whole host of physio rehab toys in cubbyholes in the main gym. These include Pilates rings, small balls, ankle wobble-boards, foam rollers, lightweight dumbbells, press-up bars to avoid wrist hyperextension, blocks and many more.

Additionally you’ll find a great range of regular functional equipment. This includes kettlebells up to 24kg, medicine balls up to 25kg, TRX’s, resistance loops (with bars to suspend them from) and power balls.

You’ll also see trampets, a punch bag and gloves and pads if you’re boxing-oriented.

Want more? Check out the Swiss balls, BOSUs and plyoboxes.

Finally, in the weights area at the back, you can find benches and high quality mats, as well as step boards.

TRX Training

A Superb All-Round Body Workout


As a former osteopath, I loved the fact that Pro-Fitness Bunbury promotes physiotherapy within a gym environment. By working closely with their clients in this well-equipped facility, I am sure this motivates clients to do the exercises given, as well as performing correct technique as a result of close supervision.

Pro-Fitness is also a very good gym in its own right, although not as big or as fully equipped as others in Bunbury, especially in terms of resistance equipment. The functional training area is however excellent and when I attended at 8:30am on a weekday, it was not busy, meaning it was easy to get on any/all equipment.

The affordable casual rate of this gym makes is a very appealing option if you’re travelling through on a budget!

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Pro-Fitness Bunbury, WA

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