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FitLife 24/7, Manjimup, WA

FitLife 247 Manjimup

FitLife 24/7, Manjimup, WA

11 Rose street, Manjimup WA 6258

Website,   Facebook

Opening Hours: 24/7 for members.
Otherwise, staffed hours are: Mon-Fri, 8:00 – 10:00 and 16:00 – 1900.

Cost: $8 casual rate, or $14.54 per week by direct debit (no fixed term), or $20 a week otherwise.



FitLife 24/7 is in an excellent location in the centre of Manjimup. You’ll see it clearly signposted outside. Note that the staffed hours are as listed above, and only members can access the club 24’7. I was asked to full in a brief health form upon arrival, before the friendly staff showed me around.


This medium-large attractive gym is full of new equipment which is logically organised into sections. The front of the gym hosts functional training equipment and floor space, with the cardio equipment right behind it. Behind that you’ll find resistance equipment, followed by free-weights. At the back of the gym, you’ll see a fully matted area with an extensive amount of boxing equipment, neatly stored at the sides. There’s some cool artwork on the wall too!

You’ll find a water fountain here and behind the building there are two separate doors, each leading into a bathroom with a toilet and shower.

When I attended on a weekday lunchtime, the club was pretty empty but got noticeably busier by mid-afternoon.

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You’ll find an excellent range of free-weights here, including dumbbells up to 55kg and a full rack of both straight and curled barbells from 10kg – 35kg.

There’s a small number of resistance machines here too, both disc-loadable and pin operated.
Disc-loadable machines include a low row, inclined leg press, calf raise and leg curl.
Pin-operated machines consist of an abductor and adductor machine, leg curl, leg extension, calf raise, rear delt/pec fly, shoulder press, seated row and chest press.

For the upper body, you’ll find a couple of sets of pull-up bars, each with narrow-set cables, and a preacher curl and bench press station.

You’ll also a find a squat rack and Smith machine here, along with a hip extension bench.


There’s a good range of cardio equipment at FitLife 24/7, with duplicates of the most popular machines. All equipment is modern and in excellent condition.

You’ll find four treadmills, two crosstrainers, two ellipticals, two rowing machines, four Spin bikes, one upright bike and one recumbent bike. I used the rowing machine and crosstrainers which worked perfectly.

Functional Training

The front of the gym has a fair amount of floor space, in which you can knock out a few burpees, walk some lunges or use any of the cool gym toys the club has. These include Swiss balls, mini hurdles, kettlebells from 6 – 20kg, medicine balls of 5kg and 7kg, some plyoboxes and resistance loops.

You’ll also find some neatly stored yoga mats, stepboards, a BOSU and a couple of inclined abs benches here.

See also details below of the boxing area!


The whole back section of this well structured gym is dedicated to boxing and is covered in a fully matted floor for this purpose. You’ll find various boxing equipment and more functional training equipment here. I won’t pretend to know what all the boxing equipment is called, but the things I did recognise(!) were gloves and pads, four large punchbags and a speedbag. I also found skipping ropes, a 6kg powerball and a 20kg powerbag.

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The club hosts around 22 classes a week, with boxing being an active focus on the timetable. You’ll find classes such as Muay Thai, Boxing, Bootcamp, Yoga Body Attack and Strength classes.


FitLife 24/7 is a modern and aesthetically pleasing gym with a great atmosphere. The staff were super friendly and welcoming. They accommodate backpackers well with the $20 a week casual rate. The club is great value for money considering the new top of the range equipment. Although staffed hours are limited, you can message the club on their Facebook page; I found them very accommodating and they let me in outside of these.

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FitLife 24/7, Manjimup, WA

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