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Stokey’s Gym, Manjimup, WA

Stokey's Gym Manjimup

Stokey’s Gym Manjimup, WA

24 Pritchard St, Manjimup, WA

Website,   Facebook

Opening Hours: 24/7 for members or
Staffed Hours: Mon – Fri: 8:00 – 14:00 and 16:00 – 19:00, or by appointment.

Cost: $12 casual rate for the gym only, or $20 for gym + a class.
Class only: $10

Alternatively, $40 per week (casual) for gym only. Better rates apply for longterm memberships, eg from $12.95 per week.


Stokey’s Gym is located around 1km south of the centre of Manjimup. Note that Google currently comes up with two locations for Stokeys Gym. The correct one (or at least the one I went to!) is on Pritchard Street. It’s clearly marked outside and unmissable from quite a way down the street.

I met the friendly owner Ivan, who kindly showed me around and was really helpful throughout my workout.


This large spacious gym is very well-equipped and has a huge functional training area with tonnes of floor space. There’s also a large brand new studio here! Staff told me the whole area covers 1000 square metres.

The gym is broadly divided into a cardio area, large weights section, generous floor space area with plenty of functional equipment, and a studio. Whilst the equipment is not the most modern I’ve seen, it was all in good working order and there is a lot of it!

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Stokey’s Gym caters well for all levels of weight training, with dumbbells going up to 70kg and barbells ranging from 10-55kg, with a full set of both straight and curled. There’s plenty of space around in which to use them, and a good number of benches too.

The vast weights area has both a free weights section and resistance equipment section; if you prefer machines, you’ll find a large range and number of both upper and low body resistance machines to suit your needs.

You’ll also see several sets of pull up bars around the gym, as well as an assisted pull ups machine. There are both a cable crossover station and narrow sets of cables attached to the various sets of pull up bars.

You’ll also see three sets of bench presses – inclined, declined and flat.

For the lower body, you’ll find a squat station and two Smith machines.

See also the Functional Training section below for further details of weights available in this area.

Functional Training

If your focus is functional training, you’ll feel at home here! There’s a large, fully matted area at the back of the gym where you can train – it’s the size of a decent studio! You’ll find skipping ropes, battleropes, foam rollers, plyoboxes, Swiss balls and step-boards here, just for starters! There are also several good quality mats here.

In terms of weights, you’ll see kettlebells up to 20kg, barbells up to 30kg (in addition to those in the main weights area),  adjustable barbells, powerbags up to 15kg, powerballs and a range of lightweight dumbbells up to 10kg.

If you’re into boxing, you’re well catered for here – there are a number of punchbags, both hanging and free-standing. You’ll also find many sets of gloves and pads.


Th cardio section here hosts more modern equipment than the rest of the gym and is well-equipped with a good range of machinery. You’ll find six treadmills, three steppers, a rower, an elliptical machine and two Spin bikes in the main area. There are two further elliptical machines, which are a little dated.

There are eleven more Spin bikes in a small separate studio too!


The current timetable has around thirteen classes a week, in a brand new-looking large studio. Classes include Butt and Gut, Zumba, Mix and Match, The Jungle Body and Total Body. The club welcomes older children (from 11+), with two of the classes (Zumba) being especially aimed at them!


This excellent gym caters for everyone from heavy weight trainers to cardio enthusiasts, and class fanatics to functional trainers. Whatever your workout style, this gym is likely to have what you want.

Although some of the equipment is not as modern as it could be, everything I used worked well and there’s plenty of it! I’d imagine it copes well in peak periods as a result.

Don’t be put off by the limited staff hours; if you want to go outside of these, message the them. I got a prompt response messaging them on their Facebook page.

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Stokey’s Gym, Manjimup, WA

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