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MMA Gym Danang

MMA Gym Danang

MMA Gym Danang

Tran Quoc Toan, Hải Châu, Danang, 550000


Opening Hours: 6:00 – 21:00, 7 days a week

Cost: 150k dong per day or 1.5 million per month



MMA Gym Danang is located on the city side of Danang in Hai Chau, just a few hundred metres northwest of Dragon Bridge.

This place was a challenge to find! And I say that, having come here last year without a problem! So why the trouble now? Well it’s moved, although not very far. It’s also moved on Google maps, so Google shows the correct venue location. But upon arriving at the location, all I could see was a bank, and no sign of the gym, so I figured I’d got it wrong. I asked and security directed me. I didn’t see a single sign up, but the gym is actually located inside the bank! Go in through the main doors pictured, walk to the back of the building until you see a lift on your left. Take it up to the 12th floor – it’s highlighted for simplicity. The gym is then right in front of you.

MMA Gym Entrance Danang
Enter here!


Once inside, the gym looked very similar to how I remembered it. Except now, you can enjoy great views of the city as you train!

As you’ve probably clocked, this place is predominantly a boxing gym, but there’s still sufficient equipment for weight training, although it lacks heavy dumbbells. Cardio equipment is limited, but there’s a fair range of functional equipment and a tonne of floor space, not to mention the boxing ring!

I couldn’t quite work out the ventilation system. The tubes on the ceiling led me to believe they have aircon, and it wasn’t desperately hot. That said, it’s October, so it’s not desperately hot here anyway, though it would be 12 floors up! I believe the place is airconditioned, although not amazingly well as it’s still quite warm in here – but I’ve trained in much worse and it’s doable.

The changing rooms are small and cooled by fans. You’ll find some lockers, two showers and a room with a sink in it. Where’s the toilet, you ask? I asked the same thing (one of the few Vietnamese words I actually know!). It’s outside the gym, but still on the 12th floor, not far from the entrance (turn right as you exit the gym).

Although the gym moved here a year ago she informed me, the equipment moved too, so it’s not new, but ranges from fairly new to fairly dated. Everything was in good condition and well-looked after.

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The weights area at MMA Gym Danang is quite small, but sufficient – unless you train heavy!

They’ve provided dumbbells up to 30kg, and barbells from 10 – 30kg in 5kg increments. You’ll find a set of both straight and curled barbells.

You’ll also see a station with 4 pulleys for lat pulldowns, rowing, triceps and whatever else you fancy.  I didn’t see cable crossovers though.

For your lower body, you’ll find a Smith machine, squat rack and three resistance machines. These comprise a leg extension, leg curl and an ab/adductor station.

For your upper body, apart from cables, you’ll only find bench press stations – one each of flat, declined and inclined.

Benches include an inclined abs bench, hip extension bench and a few regular benches.

Functional Training

In terms of providing “regular” gym equipment, MMA Gym Danang makes a reasonable contribution with its functional training area. The rig looks new and has pull up bars (in addition to the overhead monkey bars), a squat rack on one end, TRXes and a set of tyres hanging together from it. Looks like a type of punchbag but correct me if I am wrong please!

You’ll also a generous number of kettlebells here, up to 18kg – and some medicine balls. There’s also a plyobox and a number of mats for regular floor work. They’ve provided a step board and some risers, along with a power ball. All of this is set out on attractive astroturf.


And this is where MMA Gym really comes into its own, and where the cost may well be justified. The large floor area, boxing ring, numerous hanging punchbags and array of boxing equipment are probably what most people come here for.  You’ll find gloves, pads, mini hurdles, medicine balls, power bags, battle ropes and other boxing stuff I couldn’t identify. So if you’re boxing-oriented, check out the pics above.

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This section is limited and only contains 4 Spin bikes and 4 treadmills. But, if you want to do cardio, you can of course do boxing training, or use the generous floor space to come up with your own workout! The majority of MMA Gym is floor space.

Summary of MMA Gym Danang

I really enjoyed my workout here. Staff were friendly, the place has character, great views and reasonable facilities. Though if I’m honest, I came here today purely as it’s closest to my current accommodation and I was short of time. If you’re into boxing, the cost of entry here is probably well-justified. If you’re just looking for regular gym equipment, you’ll find cheaper gyms with a bigger range of equipment elsewhere. In terms of facilities, you’ll be fine here if you don’t need a big range of cardio equipment or especially heavy weights.

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MMA Gym Danang

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