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Metamorph Hua Hin

Metamorph Hua Hin

MetaMorph Hua Hin

14/7 Sa Song Rd, Tambon Hua Hin, 77110


Class Timetable

Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 7:00 – 21:30 and Sun: 9:00 – 17:00

Cost: 150 baht per day, or 599 per week, or 1499 per month.
Alternatively, buy 10 sessions for 1000 baht.
There are also rates for 2 weeks, 3 weeks and others – see website for further details.


What has struck me on my previous trips to this lovely seaside town in Thailand, is that none of the gyms were very central to Hua Hin and all involved a walk or short bike ride south. So, walking through town a couple of nights ago here, I was excited to stumble across this little gem – in the town centre! Yep, literally one block away from both the night market and the clock tower, this place gets 100% for convenient location!


Metamorph Hua Hin is a small to medium sized gym which focuses on functional training and weights. I was greeted by the two very friendly staff running the place, who also offer personal training here. The club has very modern equipment and also hosts a number of Yoga and HIIT classes each week. Click here for the full program.

Although the gym is not air-conditioned, there are fans throughout, including some overhead ones which are usually most effective.

The changing rooms were clean and in good condition and you’ll find lockers in there too.

Bring a padlock, towel and plenty of water.

TRX Training

TRX Training

Functional Training

This attractive modern gym has a significant floor space area at the back where the classes also take place. Gym toys include five medicine balls from 4 – 8kg, kettlebells from 3 – 14kg, several plyo boxes, Swiss balls, foam rollers, a BOSU and good quality mats. You’ll also find battle ropes here. The area is strikingly clean, tidy and appealing to use compared to most gyms!

Unlike many other gyms, Metamorph as also has gymnastics rings as well as climbing ropes if you want a challenge!


The gym has dumbbells up to 30kg including a full range of lightweight dumbbells from 1-10kg, all tidily racked. As standard for a gym of this size, there are no fixed weights barbells, but you’ll find several adjustable ones of different shapes and plenty of discs to load them with. Plenty of benches around too, including one for hip extensions.

You’ll also find a multistation squat rack with pull up bars, cable cross overs with more pull up bars, a lat pulldown and resisted rowing. There are a couple of bench press stations with both flat and adjustable benches. There is a limited range of resistance equipment, which includes lats pull-downs, assisted pull ups, a leg press and a leg extension machine.


There’a a single Schwinn bike, but that’s your lot in terms of gym equipment.


Metamorph Hua Hin is an excellent well-located gym in the centre of Hua Hin, with super-friendly staff. If you’re into functional training or weight-training then you’ll enjoy these facilities. The only downside for me was the absence of aircon. I’m here in April, which is the hottest time of year so at 11:30am it was a bit of a sweat fest! Train early for maximum comfort. Given its central location, the price is fair and very convenient if you’re staying in town.

Need cardio?

Check out Hua Hin Sport Villa, which is well-airconditioned. It’s a similar size to Metamorph and only 80 baht a go. However you will need to get there and it’s 3km south of town. Check out my post for details.

Alternatively, Hua Hin Fitness and Spa is 100 baht and a little closer but still 2km away. Another option is Atletic Fitness, if you’re feeling flash. It’s only 1km south of town, but was the most expensive gym I visited here. It is however well air-conditioned and significantly bigger than Metamorph and Hua Hin Sport Villa.

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Metamorph Hua Hin

2 thoughts on “Metamorph Hua Hin

  1. Please tell me the name of the hotel across the street. I took my breakfast there last year before visiting the gym. It appeared to be clean. Thanks. Bernie

    1. Hi Bernie, I just had a quick look at Google maps and it looks like it could be Muhm Sabai or Triple Nine Restaurant. If not, try messaging the gym directly and they can see – I’m not based there. 🙂

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