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Jetts Fitness FYI Center, Khlong Toei

Jetts Fitness Khlong Toei

Jetts Fitness FYI Center, Khlong Toei

FYI Center Tower 2, 1-2 Fl. 2525 Rama IV, Khlong Toei, Bangkok, 10110


Free Trial – valid for 3 days and applies to all clubs.

Opening Times: 24 hours for members.
Otherwise staffed hours are Mon – Fri: 6:00 – 22:00, Sat and Sun: 8:00 – 22:00

Cost: 500 baht per day or 1500 baht per month. Addtionally, if you join for one month, you have to pay 1500 baht access fee, which is for the electronic swipe card that gives you 24 hour access. I tried to enquire if this was refundable if you return it after a month but due to their limited English, I’m not sure of the answer. I suspect it is not refundable though as this was not mentioned on the documentation.

Location and Entry

The gym is located a couple of minutes walk from Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre MRT station, which is the dark blue line on the map. It is one stop south of Sukhumvit, where a number of very expensive gyms are located. Jetts Fitness FYI Center is located inside the FYI Center (who’d have thought?!), which is clearly labelled in huge writing from the street. Walk towards it and you’ll see the bright red Jetts sign on the ground floor.

The friendly staff greeted me and I explained I’d registered for a free trial online. She asked me if I just wanted to use for one day, and since I am leaving tomorrow and I know my next town doesn’t have a Jetts club, I said yes. Without further ado, she gestured that I could enter – didn’t even ask me my name.

Note that the free trial they offer is for 3 days, and another staff member informed me later, it’s valid at all clubs.

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Aah, aircon! As I’d walked here late morning in April, which is the hottest month of the year, the well-functioning aircon was sweet relief upon entry.

The last Jetts club I used was in New Zealand (I used several there) and I was pleased to discover that Jetts Fitness FYI Center was of the same size and standard as the NZ clubs I used. In fact I felt rapidly at home in the familiarly branded equipment.

This medium-large gym is well-equipped with top quality modern equipment in all areas – cardio, free weights and functional training. There is a HUGE floor space area too and good changing facilities. Like Jetts in NZ, the changing facilities consist of individual showers and toilets in separate rooms for ultimate privacy.

There is even free tap water available, which slowly trickles out of water fountains. I assumed it was purified and filled up my bottle with it. If I am ill later I’ll be sure to update this post! But I’m optimistic.

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Dumbbell freeweights go up to 35kg in the main weights area and you’ll also find a good range of lighter ones in the functional training area. There is an excellent range of barbells from 10kg to 45kg, which go up up 2.5kg increments between 10 and 20kg. Excellent if you’re looking to up your weights with minimal risk of injury! Plenty of adjustable free-weight benches too. Yes, I am home.

You’ll also find the usual cable crossovers, lat pulldowns and… the highest pull-up bars I’ve encountered for some time here! Being 5’10”, I often find they are a little low for me, whereas on this occasion I made use of the bench nearby to get up there! There’s also a Smith machine, multi-station squat-rack with pull-up bars, and assisted pull-ups.

The range of resistance machines are also sufficient, all of which were in excellent condition.

Functional Training

You have struck gold if this is what you’re here for. The vast floor area means any amount of burpees, walking lunges and indeed full-on circuit training classes could take place here! There are monkey bars and TRXes overhead too.

Around the sides of this area you’ll find a large variety of gym toys, including Power bags from 5 – 15kg, Swiss balls, medicine balls, kettlebells up to 12kg. There are also several plyo boxes and a couple of adjustable barbells.

Looking for mats? So did I for a while, until I realised they are just behind the rest of the functional training area. Here you’ll find good quality mats, about 6 BOSUs and numerous stepboards. This area is a bit more private, if you want to hold Pilates poses or other strange-looking positions without an audience.

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Jetts Fitness FYI Center boasts a huge range and number of top of the range cardio machines. You will even find a rowing machine here! If you’ve spent much time in Thailand, you’ll know that these are few and far between! There is only one, but that’s one more than most other gyms I’ve checked out here!

Additionally you’ll find all your usual cardio equipment, including treadmills, Spinning bikes, normal bikes, crosstrainers, steppers, stairclimbers and… arm-bikes! Not seen them in a long time either!


A superb quality gym with friendly staff. For me, the free trial was very simple to use.

Typically for gyms, they do charge a pricy 500 baht per day for casual use thereafter unfortunately – although this was certainly not the most expensive gym I found in this popular area of Bangkok. Given the excellent facilities, this was actually relatively reasonable, though clearly not suited to everyone’s budget.


Want a free workout?

Go for a run around the nearby Benchakiti Park. It’s a beautiful dedicated track a lake in the middle and there are separate lanes for runners, walkers and cyclists. There is also an outdoor gym there on the Western side of the track, just over halfway down.

Also check out my post on Gyms in Bangkok, for other gym options nearby.

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Jetts Fitness FYI Center, Khlong Toei

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