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LA Fitness Chicago (South Loop)

LA Fitness Chicago South Loop

LA Fitness Chicago (South Loop)

1101 S Canal St, Chicago, IL 60607

Opening Times: Mon – Thu: 5:00-23:00, Fri: 5:00-22:00, Sat and Sun: 8:00 – 20:00

Website – get a free pass!

Location and Entry

LA Fitness Chicago South Loop is located in the basement of a mall to the South of Chicago, well signposted both inside and out.

Unlike LA Fitness East Loop, this club is NOT a “Signature Club”, meaning it was significantly easier to get into than East Loop. I was asked two things upon arrival after presenting my email voucher; 1. For my ID – I usually carry my passport with me for this purpose. 2. How long I’d be around for. “Until tomorrow” I replied honestly, as I was flying to Canada the next day. So by this point he knew I’m not American and I’m not sticking around the area, but he was still happy for me to use the pass. I’d told him I was keen to do the step class that was about to start, and he pointed out that classes are not usually available to those on free passes, but without any persuasion from me, said I could do on this occasion. Thanks buddy! 🙂

My first step class in the great US of A!


The studio was large, clean and in excellent condition, easily accommodating the 25 or so of us who turned up. The step routine was with fairly simple steps and quite fast paced. Some step experience would be advisable but you definitely don’t need to be a pro – the instructor Chris stuck to simple 4-beat moves without cross-phrasing. He taught mainly with verbal cues, which he was very good at giving at the right moments and made it fun. All in all a good class and atmosphere.

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Gym Facilities

Although I did not use the gym itself, I’d certainly have been very happy to. It was completely open and set across one floor. Everything was well spaced out with all the facilities of other LA Fitness clubs, such as LA Fitness East Loop. See here for details of facilities at East Loop. Personally I found the layout far better than East Loop, where the room is not open and it was hard to find what I was looking for. Here is much easier to navigate.

It almost goes without saying that the club was well air-conditioned and a comfortable temperature.

Summary of LA Fitness Chicago South Loop

I would pick LA Fitness Chicago South Loop over the LA Fitness East Loop due to its ease of use with the free pass and excellent gym layout. Overall, this is my favourite club in Chicago. Enjoy!

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LA Fitness Chicago (South Loop)

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