Hi Gym Phuket

Hi Gym Phuket

Hi Gym Phuket

14/1 Chaofa Rd, 83000, Phuket


Opening Hours: 7:00 – 23:00 every day
Cost: 150 baht per day, 1000 per week or 1300 per month

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Hi Gym Phuket is located around 1km southwest of Downtown Market, around 1 – 2km away from much of the central accommodation in Phuket Town. You’ll see it’s easy to find and correctly marked on Google. I walked which took about 25 minutes and was rather hot – I recommend going in the morning if you’re on foot.


I certainly liked the look of this large facility with natural light and high ceilings. It was clear straight away that there’s no aircon here, but you’ll see a large number of fans which certainly have some impact on the general temperature. The equipment at Hi Gym Phuket is modern and attractive, the gym is spacious and overall well-equipped.

The gym is all on one floor, broadly divided into a cardio section at the back, a large weights section at the front, and a huge studio which doubles up as a functional training area with a boxing ring. Plenty here to please everyone, whatever your workout style – there really is a large number and variety of equipment for each discipline.

The club also claims to have a swimming pool, although I didn’t get to see it this time – damn.

Take your own towel and water as I didn’t see any freebies going.

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Hi Gym has done a good job of providing for weight trainers of all levels. Like the rest of the gym, equipment is semi-modern and well-looked after. It’s well-spaced out too which makes a big difference in a busy gym. (Sunday morning was not especially busy, but there were enough people to create a good workout atmosphere.

I found dumbbells up to 50kg, including a full set of lightweight dumbbells from 1 – 10kg. And we’re spoilt for barbells here – unusually you’ll find two full racks each of both straight and curled barbells. These go from 5 to 25kg in 5kg increments.

For your upper body, they’ve provided both a wide and narrow set of cable crossovers, both with pull-up bars, in addition to two lat pulldown station and assisted pull-ups. You’ll also find a preacher curl station, further pull-up bars and a flat and inclined bench press.

If it’s leg day (rather you than me), you can make use of two Smith machines and squat rack.

It doesn’t end there – if you like to lift heavy, you’ll find an assortment of plate-loadable resistance equipment here too. These comprise three leg presses, a standing squat machine, bicep, incline press, chest press and shoulder press.

Let’s not forget all the usual resistance equipment too. Like most gyms, Hi Gym Phuket caters well for those preferring to use pin-adjustable machines. There’s plenty of them for both lower and upper body.


You’ll find that the cardio equipment here (rather unusually) is located at the back of the gym, away from the windows. It overlooks the whole weights area though so you can enjoy seeing everyone else working up a good sweat.

The equipment here looks reasonably modern and in good condition. Best of all there’s plenty of it! I found seven treadmills, four Spin bikes, two upright bikes, two recumbents, three crosstrainers, two arc trainers a stepper and a lateral trainer. Variety is the spice of life. I couldn’t see a rowing machine though.

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Functional Training and Boxing

Hi Gym Phuket definitely hasn’t spared any space on the functional training front! This large studio even encompasses a boxing ring, which is only a small fraction of the size of it.

In addition to boxing gloves and a hanging heavy punchbag, you’ll find a vast amount of functional training equipment such as power balls, stepboards, TRXs, a range of kettle-bells and Swiss balls. There’s also a set of pull-up bars in here.

You’ll also find press up bars, abs rollers, foam rollers and mats, along with some lightweight adjustable barbells.

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Studio and Classes

The studio here is huge! And it doubles up as functional training area when classes aren’t on, and perhaps even when they are, as the area is so big. The good news is that I saw a couple of aircon units in here – woohoo. Whilst these weren’t on, nor were any classes when I attended, but it’s quite possible they put them on during classes?!

I counted 19 classes on the timetable, 17 of which are in the evenings from 18:30 – 21:30. The two morning classes are called Zumba and Trainer – not sure what the latter is all about!

Overall, Yoga, Zumba and Muay Thai make up most of the classes, with Tabata, Fitball and “Body Action” also featuring.

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Summary of Hi Gym Phuket

All in all, I enjoyed my time at this bright and spacious club. At 150 per day, it’s the second cheapest I visited after Muscle Gym Phuket, a couple of minutes away and well worth the extra 30 baht, based on the fact it’s several times the size, noticeably cooler and more attractive! They’re so close together you may as well go and check them both out while you’re there.

I found Hi Gym to be well worth the reasonable price and would happily return here. The fans cooled the place sufficiently for me, although I’d probably avoid late afternoons when temperatures peak.

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Hi Gym Phuket

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